Diapers at home 

A husband to be makes an unusual proposal to his would be spouse.


Brad as a kid could never get into the bathroom.  He was the only boy in a family that included five sisters.  He barely got to get ready for school in the morning. He left him a bit bitter. 

He went to college.  He loved the all boys dorm in a religious college. He found it quite a relief. He could actualy get up and get ready and have time to breath. Even though he had to content with other guys it was very double.  

It was then  he came up with the idea that his future wife would ware a diaper.  You might think this is crazy.  No women would mary aman like that. He was part of a strict faction of a strict faction. Given those circumstances it was so out of the realm of posibility.

He dated a bit but did not really connect until he met Christine. He called her chrissy. She was quet,sweet prety and smart. They started off slow . it was low key at first. They continued to see eachorther. 

What started out as informal became formal. A series of dates led to courtship. Finaly brad felt ready to purpose.  With permission from her parents he was ready to pop the question.  

He would include his caviet. He was blunt. He did not mince words. He told it like it was. Holding back was a problem he did not have.  

In the summer before his senior year ,he perposed to chrissy. It was while she was visiting him. She was so thrilled and surprised. She immediately accepted the perposal. 

“Well before we go any futher,there is a conditions i need to place . You may chose to withdraw your acceptance.  That is fine.  ” he said.

She was alarmed.  What was this condition.she doubted that it was a pre nup sense they would probably be close to the poverty side. Both were fine with that. Whet could it be? 

“Ok. What is your condition? “She asked. “I want you to ware adult diaper at all times.you wont have acess to the toilet. The bathroom is my domain.” he told her. 

She gulped. She was shocked.  She was not expecting this. She was surprised that a sripulation existed in the first place let alone what it was.

“Ok! Let me get this straght,you want me to ware a diaper. I cant use the toilet at all?” she asked. “Yes that is true. ” he said. “Then i will probably be rendered incontinent? “She asked. 

“Yes. That will likly occur. I wont surger coat it. ” he said. ” well i gues i had better get used to diaper.”she said.he never thought she would say yes. He believe he might be doomed to being a bachelor or one day droping his stipulation. 

On her watly home she stoped at a drug store and bought pakege of diapers.  She stoped at a gass station.she had placed a diaper in her purse. She felt it. It felt squishy. She pulled down her panty and took it off. She laud down and placed the diaper on her . she closed the strap. It felt weird.

On her drive home, she had to pee. She strugled to pee her diaper. She could not bring her self to do it. She tried and tried.  Nothing hapened.

Then she had to make a suden stop at a traphic light. Urine started slow.then it led to a flood. It kept coming and did not stop. She had a ways before she made it home. She had pied a few times before she made it home.

She tried to get inside before her family noticed but that did not happen.  She put a coat around her waste. She tried to rush to her bed room to change but the family had a billion questions about her trip and the ring on her finger. She answered them.

She felt so uncomfortable.  She wanted to change. After a while she got to her bed room. She closed the door. She pulled off her skirt.she pulled the very full diaper off.she put in a shoping bag. She would have to disregard it later. When no one was around.  She put on a fresh diaper. 

She woke up to a wet diaper. Some leaked. Oh no how would she explain this to her family. She hoped to get it to the laundry room before any one noticed.  

“You have laundry already? “Her mom asked. “Yea . ” she said.her mom had a very strong suspicion that something was up. Something she desperately did not want to talk about. 

She ran to the laundry room. Her mom was watching her. “Is your blanket soiled? ” her mom asked. “Um yes. ” she answered.  “Are you ok?” she asked. “Yea. I am fine. ” she said.

Her family thought that she was going incontinent.  By the time they were maried she was diaper dependent.  He always got to use the bathroom. They lived hapily ever after.

The end.

This is a work of fiction.the author does not condone the activity described in this play.

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