A ski acident leaves a man with a brokon leg. A trip to a rehab hospital results in incontinence.


Im erick. I am 22 years old.  I am in college.  I love to ski. I have been known to take risks.  Probably more risk then i probably should.  I am not rackless but could stand to being a litle more  carefull. 

While skiying over winter vacation,  i injured my leg. It was broken. I was told i was goung to be laid up for a while.  That was definitely not what i wanted to hear. Not at all. 

The doctor recomended i go to a rehab hispital. I was not down for that. I thought that this was a terible idea. I was totaly against it. I was not going it. The hospital staff was determined to convince me to go there. After a series of discussion i finaly relented .” 

How bad could it be i thought. I was transported there by ambulence. I gues it was standered pricedure. It seemed to be overkill but oh well. 

It was about an houers drive from the hospital to the rehab center. It seemed like an eternity.  I dosed in and out of sleep on the trip up. I could not realy sleep. Being in the strecher in an ambulence was not realy condusive to restful sleep. 

I saw the rehab center as the ambulence pulled in. From the outside it looked nice enough. It pulled in to a designated parking area. I was whealed out.i was brought inside. 

I waa brought to my room. I was greated by dr. Valerie rowe Dawson. Dr. Dawson was the facility administrator. She allowed patcients to refer to her as valerie. She seemed very plesent.

“Hi im valerie. I run this facility.  “she told her. ” it is good to meet you.”i told her. “we have a few rules i need to discus with you ” she said.i had considered that there might be rules. i was not suprised. it made sense that there would be.

“ok!” i said. “lights out is at ten.we do hold to that. ” she said. i could live with that. given that the perpose of this center was to recover from injuries it was resonible. 

there were few rules. the rules and procedures were prety straght froward. then she came to the one i was not expecting. 

“This is a very buisy place.  Right now we are filled to complicity.  The staff is buisy.  That is fine. We are not complaining. We are happy to help. We are buisy.  Therefore we incist that all patcients ware and use diapers! ” she said. 

I was shocked.  I was not expecting this at all. At first i was not sure i had hurd her correctly.  I soon discovered that i had heard her correctly.  The patcients were forced to ware and use diapers.  

I could not believe this. I was not thriled at this. I was horified realy.when it sunk in, i really got horified. I did not want this to happen,not at all. I could not avoid it. 

“I know this comes at a shock. All of our patcients are shocked when they hear it. It is a necessary thing. “She said. 

I had to sign in and sign sixty thousand different documents not realy that many but it felt like that. She then left. 

She told me that a nurse would be by shortly.  I was left with a few minutes to myself. I realy did not want to be diapered. I was hear. That was the rule.this place was considered one of the best.  

I laid there and pondered life. I tried to make sense of all this. It made no sense.  While i laid there a young women came in.she wore a bathrobe. She was barefoot. She was around my age. 

“Hi im annie.”she said. “What happened to you?” i asked.”i was in a car accident.  My chances of walking again is not good.  ” she told me. “I am really sory. ” i told her. “Its ok. I am ok with it. I have come to be at peace with it. ” she said.

“Are you diapered? I asked. “Yes. I am. Are you diapered? “She asked.”not yet. ” i answered.  

I asked her if i could see her my suprise she opened up her robe and her hospital gowan. Underneath was a diaper. She was very cute. She looked hot in her diaper. 

As we talked,the nurse came in.anie told me that she has glad to have met me. She told me that she would see me around. I definitely looked froward to seing more of her. I really wanted to get to know her. I wanted to see her more. 

I smiled at her. She smiled back.  The nurse opened the door. She whealed herself out of my room. The nurse closed the door.  

The nurse pulled up my hospital gowan. She puloed off my underware.  She took out a diaper. She lifted up my legs.  She puled a diaper on. She closed the straps on the diaper.

The diaper felt weird.  The diaper area felt odd. It felt cold. “I recommend you pee your diaper as soon as you can. Get use to it.”she said.

I was not sure excited to soiling my diaper.  I tried to delay it as long as i could.  My blader was really full. It got more full. I was skirming. I just needed relief.

Knowing that there was only one way to get that relief, i decided to give in. I tried to urinate in my diaper. I could not do it qt first.  I tried and tried but to no avail. 

I felt worse and worse.  Finaly the pee releases. It started off small. A litle tricle. It kept coming.a few times i thought i was done. It just kept coming.  Then it came some more.

The nurse was thriled when she checked in me. She gave me a fresh diaper.  

The actuall rehqb went well. I was slowly reganed use of my leg. I became stronger and stronger.  My lef healed quite nucely.

My blader was a different story. It becoming weaker and weaker.  I was peing in my diaper more and more. I was getting use to it.i even found it to be enjoyible.

There was part i realy did not like. That was fecally infontinent. I hated craping in my diaper. It felt smeled.the nurses changed diapers usually at scheduled times. I tried ti delay bowel movements close to changing time. That was not always possible.  

They would change a diaper early in an emergency.  They did not like that. Things got more normal.

Finaly i was discharged. I retuened to colege and work. I tried to re potty did not work. I finaly gave uo. I decided to accept my incontinence. 

This made dating difficult.  I decided to date a fellow incontinent. Annie and i had become very close. We spent a lot of time together. We dated.we got married.  

Some in my family were a bit concerned by my mariege to annie. She was perfect for me.we had a family. We lived hapily ever after. 

The end.  

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