Diapered college 

A colege student is shocked to learn he has to be diapered at school.


I arived on campus.  The government mandated affordable education.  These schools were known for being strict. A lot of people went on to having good jobs. I went over to the registration table.”name please?”the girl at the table asked.

“Dale brison. “I answered. She looked over the list. “Hear you are. Hear is your welcome packet and complimentary diaper bag. “She said.i took it. A girl came over to me.”hi im katie. I am your roommate. “She said. She wore a white t shirt jeens and sandles. 

“This is a co ed dorm. “I asked.”yes it is.”she answered. “I thought this was a strict school?”i asked. “It can be. There are rules and privileges. It is a bit of a trade off i gues. “She said. 

We walked into the dorm. I saw a young women with a green shirt and diaper. “Im andrea.i am your r.a. “she said.  I knew that some adults strugled with incontinence. Some would chose to ware diapers. I was suprised that she would ware it in public.especially sense she was a dorm supervisor. 

If i thought things were weird before,they were about to get weirder. Katie pulled down her jeens.she then took them off. She had on a diaper.  “You are probably a bit confused.  “Andrea said.”indeed i am”i said in a tapid tone. Not only was i confused, i was a little nervous.  

“This colege has no bathrooms avalible to students. All students ate required to be diapered. We are diapered 24-7. Only nurses and staff members can remove and change diapers. We sleep in cribs. We have pacifiers. Sexual intercourse is off limits. You can have diaper sex. Diaper sex is the best. You are alowed to be undress and undress orthers. We can hug kiss and suck on brest. Realy only the vagional or pennel area is off limits. “Andrea said. 

“If we pee or poop our diapers,for two years straght,dont we risk becoming perminently incontinent?”i asked. “We all will probably become perminently imcontinent. Most college kids act like babies. Now we can. “Andrea said. 

“You really need to get diapered. “Katie said. I took off my pants.  I took off my underware. They took the diaper and put it over my bum.i felt really weird. Andrea closed the straps. 

“What happens if i am not diapered? “I asked. “If your caught not in a diaper,you will be punished.punishment include spanking,canning,solitary confinement even expulsion.  “Katie said. “Just dont it. Diapers are so comfortable.  Learn to love them we do.”andrea said.  

I could never even get used to wearing diapera let alone enjoying them. This was humiliating.  This was wrong. I hated it. 

“I sugest drinking a lot of watter. You will want to pee your pants as soon as you can. You will want to eat lots of fruits.  You will poop your diapers soon. You want to start to unpotty yourself.  “Katie said.

“Your really into this? “I asked. “It is really comforting.  We live it.”andrea said. “I know you will come around.” andrea said. 

The girl told me i should go to lunch pantless. No way. I put on my pants the girls went down to the dining hall in juat t shirts. I was suprised.i asked them why they did not pants.they said it was comfortible. 

Staf members made me show my diaper. This was not what i ecpected.not at all. This was not what i wanted. The food was mushy. It seemed designed to soften stool. We drank mulk from baby botles. I thought we were being traned for adulthood.  I was really wondering. This was really really odd. I had a feeling i had not seen anything yet.

Some of the students were in pjs.some half naked.some naked except for a diaper. It was sureel.

The deens offered to brest feed.katie and andrea went over. I watched them suckle the brest of the female deens. I decided to go in line.

I could not beleve this. It was my turn.i got on miss amy’s lap. I started to suck on her tits.after i got over the humiliation.i felt prety good.  It was kinda comforting. I kinda liked all this. Even though i was really weirded out by it at the same time. 

I had peed my diaper several times before my diaper change. I tried tovat first but it could not happen.finaly it flooded out and flooded out so more. 

Katie’s diaper was quite full as well.it was evident. She took my hand and we walked back to the dorm.

The campus nerses started diaper changes. I was so happy to have a diaper change.  My time came. The diaper was imidiately removed. My but was clened. Rash cream was put on me. A new diaper was put on me.

I put on a sleeper pj. “Hey dale.want to sleep with me?”she asked. “We can sleep in the same crib?”i asked.”of course we can. “She said.

We got into a crib. We cuddled.a blanket was put on us. The crib was sicured so we would not fall out. 

I slept really well that day. You coukd say that i slept like a baby. My diaper was quite full. I got a diaper change. This was not at all what i expected. 

I came to like waring a diaper. I was able to focus on studies. I was becoming more and more incontinent. I did not mind. I cane to enjoy it. 

The end. 

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