The nurse

A female patcient at a rehab hospital meets a male nurse.


Nicky was the injured in a car accident. She had been paralized.after a time in the hospital,she was sent to a rehab hospital.  

She was sleaping in her bed. The bed was comfoerible.the female night nurse made sure that she had enough blankets. 

She was groggy. She thought she heard the door opened.she briefly opened her eyes.then she reclosed her eyes.

“Hi good morning nicky. I am Brandon i am your nurse today.”he said. She was a bit taken aback. Sence she arived,all of the nurses had been female. This was the first male nurse she had encounteted. 

“Good morning! “She said.  “Hi there. Well i hate to rouse you out of bed. I do need to get you up and ready.”he said. “I an prety comfortable but thats fine.rouse away.”she told him. 

He laughed. “Your probably starting to get used to the routine. “He remarked.  “More then i want to .”she said. “I can understand that.” he said.  

He gently removed her blankets. She was waring a hospital gowan.she was barefoot. She was a bit cold. He pulled up her hoapital gowan. She felt weird about having a male stranger disrobe her and bathe her. She did not really have a say in all this. She went with it. 

Her diaper was now prominent.she felt emberissed. The car accident and her breef coma had left her bladder and bowel incontinent.  She had to be in a diaper. 

He felt the diaper.  The diaper waa very full. “It seems youe bladder was prety buisy last night.”he said “it usualy is. I almost always wake up very wet. “She said. 

He unfastened her diaper. He pulled it off. He took out a wet wipes and cleaned her off. He took a sponge and cleaned her rectal area and vaginal area. She felt a bit humiliated. It waa weird having a man inhis twenties washing her private area. He was cute. This was really awkward. She knew that this was his job. He was very gentle. 

He gently put baby powder on her bum. He put on a fresh diaper. He closed the straps. It was not so bad she thought. He washed her feet and legs. She suspected that he might have a bit of a foot fetish. He spent a lot of time cleaning it. 

He cleaned her belly.  He was very thorough with her brest as well. Her niples were quite stimulated. She was offended at first. She decided that she kinda liked it. It kind of turned her on. She would never admit it. 

He washed her hair. Then he dressed her in blue medical scrubs and flip flops. He striped her bed and an orderly came in and changed her bedding.  

While nurse brandon whealed her into the dining room. He left her with other patients.  She was buisy with physical pheriphy and counseling and other actuvities.

She found she tired that easily. She was so happy that after dinner she could return to her room. Brandon whealed her back to her room.  He picked her up and put her in her bed. 

He checked her diaper. “Its time for a change!”he said.”no ofense but your humor needs work.”she said “i get that alot.i gues my future as a comedian is im serious doubt. “He said. “I would say so.”she said. He chuckkee.

He pulled off her pants. He pulled off her diaper.  She had peed and pooped. He cleaned her off.he gave her a fresh one. He took off the changing pad. “Do you want your pants back on?”he asked. 

“No not really.  I would to go pantsless. “She said.”thats fine. “He said he made sure she had enough blankets. 

She was not keen on a male nurse at first.  She got ussed to him. He did a good job. 

“It almost time for me to go. Do you want one last diaper change? “He asked. She smiled and said yes. He changed her. She hugged him before he left. 

They had become friends . She liked when he was on. After a while she was discharged.  She stayed with her sister.  Brandon continued to correspond with her. 

They started to date. They ended up getting maried. They had children. They lived hapily ever after. 

The end.

This is fantasy. I got a lot wrong with medical pricedures. 

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