Diapered man 

The story of jim,a sucesfull businesses man who faces incontinence.


I am jim. I am maried with two kids. I started a business. It was a lot of work but it did provide a comfortable standared of living. We had a house and two relible vehicles. Things were good. 

I was working on paper work. I did not realize it but i had pied a bit. I went to use the toliet later that day. I noticed a wet spot on my underwear.  It was a bit odd. 

I changed underwear so that no one noticed. I went home . no one not even my wife knew. I hoped that this was a one time occurrence.  

I did not have a recurrence of that event for a few weeks. I forget the whole event. 

One day i was meeting with a client. I started to pee. I tried to hide it. I was able to conceil it. I just did not stand up. I was able to keep the client from finding out.i still got the contract. 

After the new client left, i told my secteatery that i would be gone for a little bit. I went to my doctor.  I explaned the situation to him. He asked me several folowup questions.  

He ordered several test. I was negitive for any kind of cancer. They did some other checking. Aperently i had a weak bladder. 

“I dont knoe why but your blader seams to be weakoning. I dont know why. I am not sure if it will get worse. I think it could. “Dr. Fred willis said.

“What do you recommend? ” i asked. “I think you should consider warring diapers!”he said. 

I could not believe this. I prided myself on being strong. I played sports in high school.  I was known my strength. I served one term in the military.  I liked being macho.  This in my mind made me weak. I hated being seen as weak. 

 “Diapers? “I asked.  “I know this is hard to take in. This is a way to prevent embarrassing events you described. I believe if you dont you run the risk of more embarrassing weting evidence. I know you dont want that.  “He said.

After i left the doctors office i went to a store and brought a pakege of diapers.  I tried to find a line with a cashier i did not know. I found one.  I tried not to be nervous ot draw any attention to the diapers. I tried not to make a big deal of it. The cashier was prifesional. I paid then left the store. I was so happy to do so. 

After diner i told my wife amber i neded to talk to her. “Amb i have been leaking a bit. I had doc wilson check it out and i am going incontinent. He said i should ware diapers just as a precaution.  I brought a pakege. I wanted to tell you before i put some on. ” i told her.

She huged me. “Im so sorry hunnie. It will be ok. “She said.she was so sweet. She always had been. She is the kindest person i know.  I could always count on her.she held on to me. “We will get though this.” she assured me.

“I know that.  You will love me even though i will be a diaper guy?”he asked. “Of course silly. You will be my diaper guy. “She assured me.

“Look we had better get a diaper on you! “She sugested. I knew she was right. I figured we had better get it over with. I took her hand and we went to our bed room. 

She had me get on the bed. I pulled off my pants.  She took off my underwear.  She took out a diaper. It felt sqishy. I felt odd. She said i looked cute in my diaper. I was not so sure. I was glad that she thought so. She seemed ok with it.  

We got rid of all my underware . diapers were now my underware.  I had no chioce now. The doctor said that if i only used diapers i probably would be totaly diaper dependent.  Use diapers become incontinent. Dont use diapers become incontinent.  Either way i was screwed.  I seamed to have a better schot with diapers.

I hoped no one at work learned my secret.  I krinkled whenever i moved. Everyone found out. My staf was smal.they were loyal to me.they all understood.  They were kind and suportive. I treated the business like a family. They were helpful.  

I tried to only be urine incontinent.  I lost fecal control by accident. It was easier to poop my diaper. I kept using it. I was forced into fecal incontinence as well. 

My wife was so soportive.she changed my diaper.even put baby powder on me. She was so kind and emcoureging. 

I got used to being diaper dependent.  My wife decided to ware a diaper herself.  She started to become incontinent.  We loved changing eachother. We are the diaper couple.

I am no longer humiliated by my condition.  I accepted it.now i consider it a privledge to be diaper dependent.  I cant believe people chose to be potty trained. I imagine they are miserable.  Diaper dependent is the way to go.

The end. 

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