Church of diapers

A women visits a church that incist women in the church ware diapers


Jullie rossi moved to thr citty of bennet. She wanted to find a church.she decided to check out old paths Baptist church.she wore a black top and pink skirt and flip flops. 

She got out out of her car. She walked to the front. “Is this your first time attending? “The usher asked.”yes it is. I just moved hear.” she said 

He directed her to the visitation ara for females. She had no idea why males and female had different areas. “Hi im ally.”a young lady said.Julie introduced seemed friendly. 

“Are you waring a diaper?’ she asked.Julie was astonished by this. Why would she asked something like that. “No im not.” julie said. “Hear is your complimentary diaper bag. There is welcome gifts.  You can change into a diaper in one of the changing areas. You need to ve diapered ” she said.

Julie went to the changing area. She closed the curtan. She pulled up her skirt. She pulled down her pink panty. She then took out the diaper.she did not want to put it on.she put it down. She felt weird with it on. She pulled down her skiet.

She went over to julie. “Please pull up your skirt? ” ally asked.julie did so. “Thank you.”aly said. 

Julie heared squishes from female members. It seemed only females were diapered. She was not sure if the men in the church were male chauvinists or had some kind of a diaper fetish or what was going on.

She liked the church. Everyone wa really friendly.  The preaching was good.  She liked the church. Many talked to her.

“Is your diaper wet?” a young lady named amy asked. “No its not . “julie said. “Oh ok. Many ladies do need diaper change”she said. Julie was shocked.apparently ladies used the diapers.  

She saw quite a line of ladies wating to have there diapers changed.she went home. In the afternoon she looked over her welcome packet. 

They gave her a onesie with the church logo. A bib and other items. There was a brochure for females.apearently women are required to be diapered. Apetently women used to be disruprive .getting up to use the toilets.  So the church using the verse about women beinh weaker vesels changed the by laws requiring women tobe diapered. While diapers are only requird during the service many women in the church are diapered 24-7. Julie was shocked by this. 

Julie forgot to takeboff her diaper. She kept it on.she decided to soil her diaper. She put a panty on. She woke up the next day wet.she shower. She went to work. She had wet herself.she was able to change before anyone knew. 

She brought a package of diapers.she wore diapers thougout the week. She went to church during the mid week service and on Sunday.  She enjoyed the church. After the diaper incidents, she considered checking out other churches making a decision. The other ladies in the church reached out to her.She felt at home there.

After a while she was virtualy incontinent.  She embraced it. Many others had as well. She saught membership in the church and was acepted. She agreed to be diapered during sumons.

She eventialy attended a singles group in the church and she started seing a man in the church. They got marred and they had kids. He became a deacon in the church.

While some baptist church did not like thidchurch. Evangelical  and fundamentalist churches were critical.  They were ridiculed by liberal and non christian groups as well. Some mention the c word. . those who attended do not see it that way.

The end. 

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