Never been traned 

A young man dates a girl who has never been poty traned.


Ellie was one of six kids. Her family was very religious and old fashioned.  They were very strict. The kids were all home schooled. Except for church events they prety much stayed home. They kept a low profile. 

The family were a bit to the right of even manny in the fundamentalist movement. They had some fringe views. 

They dont believe in potty traning. They beleve that potty traning in unatural. They beleved that potty teaning led to plumbling wich led to infulstructure wich leeds to globalism wich leeds to the tribulation. They were opposed to poty traning.they did not allow there children to be potty traned. 

Ellie now 19 still wore a diaper. She did not find it weird.she found potty traning to be odd. She knew that her husband to be would probably be potty traned. She would get ussed to be have an undiapered husband.  

She started to see brad. Brad was the son of a minister.  He was traning to be a minister himself. He was the perfect husband . her parents were very suportive of there relationship. 

He got permission to perpose mariege to her.  At a date celebrating two years as a couple he purposed marriege. 

“I need to tell you something first.”she said. “Ok. What is it?” he asked. “I have never been poty traned.  I have always worn a diaper. I love wearing a diaper. I have no intention of becoming a continental.  ” she declared.

He was suprised. “Oh. Are you serious?” he asked. She temporarily pulled up her skirt to reveal a full diaper. She puled it back down. 

“I gues we will need to put plastic on The bed. ” he said.”does that meen that you still want to mary me?” she asked. “Of course. ” he said. “Yes i will mary you. ” she said.

He was curias about no poty traning. Her farther wrote a pamphlet on why potty traning is bad. He wrote a couple book on it. Brad decided to un potty train. 

Step one was to get rid of his underwear.  He did so. He got diapers. He got a onesie. He started to drink watter before he went to bed. He liked the feeling og waking up in a wet diaper.

By the time of the wedding he was incontinent and diaper dependent. She was thrilled. He agreed to have a non potty trained family.  He built a house but did not put a toilet in the house. It saved on some coast. They lived hapily ever after and hapily wet after. 

The end. 

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