Friends house

a college student while visiting with her roomates family has to wear diapers.

Sense arriving at colege,Amy had become my best friend. She was my roommate.  She was an uper classman. She and i hit it off almost immediately.  Her roomate the year before did not get along. Her roomate had bearly talked to her. She was a workaholics who only studied.  Amy hugged me when i first arived.

We were very similar.  We both had similar interest. We both liked to study intently but still wake up and smell the roses every once and a while. We did not have much of a social life but that was ok. We focused on studies but we had fun too. 

We both like to laugh.  We like to joke around. We did not let it interfear with our studies. We just seemed to click. We were both from small towns. Our parents own land. Our parents ran small businesses. 

While many on campus were uber leftest, we were both middle of the road center right conserrvitives. We were not political activist. We liked the same kind of music and television.  We were instently best friends. 

We spent almost all of our off time with each other. I was shy and i was a little homesick.  She was in the same boat a year ago. She told me that she totaly understood.  A year ago, no one was there to help her.  She decided that she was going to be there for me. She definently did that. I was very appreciative of that.   

We became very good friends. It was the time of our spring break. This would be the last break before the end of the academic year. Amy invited me to spend the spring break with her and her family.  

I was reluctent to go. I was shy and nervous about going to see her family. I was very introverted. I was nervous about meeting new people.  I was nervous about going to colege and i was nervous about having a roomate. I tried to brush off her invitation but she kept asking and asking. Finaly after quite a bit of persuasion i agreed to her offer. 

She was so happy that i agreed to come. I could tell that she was realy exited about me coming. Growing up she was a home body.  She was home schooled and the exstent of her social interaction was with her siblings. 

She was sheltered as a kid. She was smart and prety. The boys at colege liked her. She was shy. Her first year at colege did not help. Her roomate ignored her. She was too nervous to realy intetact with other freshman.she kept to herself. She focused almost entirety on her studies the first year. It paid off. She had a 4.0 g.p.a. 

This year she hoped to make friends.she did, me. She realy wanted me to come home with her. I was nervous but excited at the same time. I felt like i was doing this for her more then for me. 

After the final exam , we changed and loaded up the car. We headed out. We went in her car. We drove from the college to her home town of everit Wisconsin.  it was a seven hour drive.we stopped for breaks and for lunch and pee and gass stops. we drove in shifts. 

We arived at the town of everit fairly late at night.  It was a smal town.  We drove to her property. It was as vest as i thought. We parked. We got out of the vehicle. 

The door opened, her mom and dad and siblings came out of the home. They were so happy to see amy. I could clearly see that she was loved. I knew she loved them. Her mom and dad and siblings gave her a big hug. 

“This is erin!” amy declared. They gave me a great big hug. I was not expecting that.  They were very welcoming.  They were very sweet. 

They had a big dinner waiting for us. The meal was great. I liked her family right away. They were very silly. I enjoyed seing this side of amy. She was uasualy very serious but hear at her house, she was totaly silly. I liked seing her silly side. 

After dinner, we hung out. They had a lot if catching up to do. I gues i had a lot of connecting to do with them. We seam to do a lot of that that night. I was starting to get realy tired. I could tell that amy was too. 

Amy said that she was going to turn in. She asked if i wanted to go to bed as well. I thought she would never ask. I answered in the affirmative.  “Did you explain what we do hear?” her mom asked. I had no idea what she ment. It seemed like an odd comment.  I tried not to draw any conclusion. 

“No i did not. ” amy said. “Sense your new hear, we dont know your medical heath. I waterproof the sheats. It is just a precaution.  ” her mom said.”oh ok” i said.  I was fine with that. That did not seam too out of the ordinary. 

“We want you to wear a diaper to bed. ” her mom asked. “I. Will wear a diaper to bed as well.”Amy said. “Sense i dont want the diaper to fray. If you need to pee or poop please use the diaper.  ” her mom said.

My heart sank. I had to wear a diaper. Not only that but i have to use it for its intended purposes.  I was shocked and stunned.  This was her house. She got to make the rules while i stay there.  “Oh ok. Sure. Thats fine!” i responded. She was hsppy with my answer. 
Her mom asked us to go upstairs. She folowed us. We went to the bedroom that we would be staying in while we were hear.  She shut the door. “Ok. Take off your cloths girls!” her mom said.

Amy took off her sweater. She then took off her purple blouse. She then took off her black skirt. She took off her half slip.she unclasped her bra and took off her panties. 

I took off my green top. I felt weird taking off my cloths in front of my best friend and her mom. I removed my denim skirt. I took off my half slip . i took off my bra and panties. 

I was not a lesbien. I thought that amy was totaly beutifull. I tried to resist the urge to stare at her. I was looking anyways. I could not avoid that.  

I could tell that she was staring at me. She constantly told me that i was beutifull. I was not so sure but i believed that she believed it. I accepted it. 

I could tell that her mom was staring at me as well. I did not mind. It was weird being naked in front of them. If amy did not like being nude in my presence,i did not know about it. 

Her mom had me lay down. She took out a diaper and put it under my bum she poored on baby powder and then closed the diaper.  She then put on a onesie. She put it over my diaper. It felt weird. 

She put amy in a diaper. She kised her both goodnight.  I got into her bed. She got in too. She cuddled with me.  “Oh i am sory. ” she said. She moved away.  I  asked her to come back. We held eachother to sleep. 

“You like wearing diapers? ” i asked..”i love it. I sneek diapers at college.  I am carefull to mask the smell. ” she told her. 

I woke up the next morning. I slept like a baby. I was wet. I had not pee the pet sense i poty traned. “Hi hunnie. ” she said. “I pied my diaper. Did you?” she asked. “Yes i did. ” she said. 

Her mom changed us. We showered together then changed into day cloths. That night we were diapered again. 

It was an amazing vacation. It was so much fun. I loved her family. They appeared to love me as well. Amy assured me that they did. After a grueling freshman year, i was glad to have some time off. This was the vacation i needed.  

We heeded back after nine days of vacation. We took turns driving. Then we arived back on campus.  I slept do much better in a diaper. We put eachother in diapers. We slept in the same bed. 

The rest of the year we wore diapers to bed. Over the sumer i wore diapers at night. The next year i befriended by roomate. I introduced her to diapers. We slept in the same bed. 

She was so homesick at first. I held her and comforted her. Amy and i though not roomates stayed friends. We decided to date. She was ok with my sleeping with anna. 

Next year she will be a senior.  I am not thanking about that right now.

The end.  

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