Diapered widow. Episode four 

jeny and read go to a church event for singles.

The church wanted to be a church for everyone.  While they avoided fads or gimmicks used by church growth or seaker sensitive,  they wanted everyone to feel like they are a part of the church.  

In many churches, including fundamental churches,  singles can get lost in the shuffle. A previous pastor and his wife started to have banquets for singles three times a year. The banquits proved to be a huge success.  They continued to hold them. They continued to be successful.  They were continuing to be held. 

Over the years, these banquits produced couples and marriages.  Some were totaly out of the blue. When that pastor left, it was assumed that the banquits might not happen after that. The new pastor and his wife loved the idea.  It was continued. 

By the time that Jennifer’s late husband took over, it was a staple in the church. Jen had taken it over when her husband took over. When Bryan died, the new pastor and his wife took it over.  

It had been a while sense he died. The pastor’s wife tried to get her to come. If nothing else it would be a night out. She had always rebuffed her. Ever sense they started having planning meetings for the event, she knew that it was coming.  She knew that the pastor’s wife would try to get her to attend. She knew that it was only a matter of time before she did. 

Of course, that did. “Oh jen. I wanted to personally give you an invitation to the singles night event. ” nancy said.”oh. Thank you. ” she said. ” i realy hope that you can come.  ” nancy said. 

“I dont think that i can. I appreciate the offer.  ” she said. ” debie can watch the kids.  I already asked her. ” nancy said. “I dont know.  ” Jennifer answered. 

“Please come . it is for singles.  Don’t think of it as that but just a get out night. The fact that it is all singles is non sequitor.you realy should come. Jen i think you need a break. That is what it is. ” nancy told her. 

“I dont know! ” she said.  “Is this because of your bladder isues?” she asked . “a little.  ” she said. “Jen it is not a big deal i promise you that. Please say you will come. I am not taking no for an answer.  ” nancy said. 

“Do i have to stay the whole night?” jen asked. “No you don’t.  Stay for a little while. ” she told jen. She agreed. She realy hoped that she would not regret this. She feared that she might.

“Read are you going to go to the singles banquit. Nan is planing some realy neat stuff. ” the pastor told her.”i might.  I am not sure. ” he said “it is not a big deal. You dont have to mingle with single ladies.  Nancy is trying to downplay the matchmaking aspect. It is not a find a date event. ” he assured read.

“I know. I might go. ” he said. “She is going to be there. Nancy made sure of that. ” the pastor said. He was not sure what the pastor ment by that. He was afraid that he was referring to Allison.  “Which her are you refering to?” he asked.  “Jennifer.  ” the pastor said. 

“I hope i have not been out of line pastor. I know that she is an elder stateswomen of the church. I hope i have been disrespectfull. ” read said.

“You have not. I know you care about her. Nancy has tried to convince her to come. ” he told him.  ” mayby i will come..” he said. The pastor said.

“She is an honorable lady.  She is full of virtue.  She would make a wonderful wife “the pastor said. “I have no doubt of that. ” read said. 

The time of the banquit arived. Jennifer tried to certail liquid intake as it got closer to the event. She stripped out if her clothes.  She gave herself a through enema.  She made sure to expell as much pee and poop as she could.  She wiped herself off. She took a shower. She was through.  She braided her hair. She loved to style her hair. Bryan used to love her hair. He loved to play with her hair. She missed him. He was so gentle.  He was so loving. 

She saw a lot of Bryan in read. Read seemed gentle.  He was different. They had a lot of differences. He had some of the same good qualities.  She put on a pink blouse and a pink and white flower print skirt . she usualy wore heels but she put on sandles. She felt a bit silly.  She almost changed but debie told her that she looked stunning.  She thought she might just being nice. 

She hoped that her diaper was not evident. She knew that she could not totaly avoid the puff efect. She tried to mitigate it as best as she could. 

Read wore a blue button down shirt and tan pants. He got ready to leave.  He was nervous but decided to go. He drove to the church.

He went inside. Sacred music was played in the background. There was ribbons and other decorations.  She looked for jenny. Several single lades tried to initiate eye contact with her.he would have none of it. He had only one reason to be hear. Then he saw her. 

She saw read.she was taken aback by how he looked at her. She could tell that he was wowed by her. It was not lust but some thing else. It was intense . no one had look at her like that. Not sense Bryan.  

What if he learned her secret? Could he look at a girl who peed and popped her pants that way? She wanted to run the other way. She decided not to do that.  

He walked towards her. He smiled. “Hi jenafur” he said.  “Jennifer?  Are we being formal tonight?” she asked.  “Well i kinda usurped that name. Mayby you dont want me to call you jenny. ” he said.

“You can call me jeny. “She said. “Ok. I dont have a nickname . pitfals of a one silyble name i suppose.  ” he said. “She chuckled. 

“You look so nice tonight. Not that you dont always lose nice but you look exceptionally nice tonight.  Wait that did  not come out right. I am going to quiet down now!” he said. 

She laughed hysterically.  “Thank you. That meens a lot to me. You look very handsome yourself. ” she said.”thanks.  ” he said.

“I wondered if you would come. ” he said. “I did not want to.they had tried to get me to come for a while. I had rebuffed there urgings. I need a break.” she said.

“I am glad your hear.  I considered not coming. Single banquit is not my thing but i decided to come. “He said. They sat down. They got a plate of food. He got more meat then vegetables. “Le me guess your a carnivore! ” she asked. “Yes. What gave it away?” he asked in a tounge and cheak tone. They both laughed.

They went back to the table. They sat down.  “How is your fithty pounds pf beef?” she asked.”good. How is your salid?” she asked.  “Its good.  ” she said.

“This is the first time you have come? “He asked. “Yes. I finaly decided to come.” she said. “I am glad you came. “He said. “So why were you reluctant to come?” she asked. “I am kinda the topic of conversation. I am signle. I don’t want to be the center of attention.  ” he said. “Why did you decide to come? ” she asked.  “I was hopping to see you. ” he said.  ” realy?” she asked.  

“I am totaly serious jen. ” he said. She smiled. She did like him. She was not sure if she was ready for another relationship again. She peed into her diaper.  She was hoping that he did not notice. He did not seem to. 

“Me? I am an old women!” she said. “No your not. Your not that much older then me. ” he said. “I feel a lot older. ” she said. 

“Your still young. ” he said. “I feel like i have lived a thousand lifetimes. I dont feel young. ” she said.  “You have done an amazing job. You have a great family. ” he said. “I do what i can. I try to run the family the way bryan would want me to. I try to please the lord. Bryan was a godly man. He left a powerful example. ” she said.

“You really loved him?” he remaeked. “Indeed i do. I miss him. He was my childhood sweetheart. I never dated anyone but him. I am sory i get sad when i think about it. “She told him. 

“Its ok. I know that it will take time. Its ok to be sad. ” he said. She took a deep breath. “I did not meen to go on and on about him.” she said. “Your fine jenny. You can talk to me about anything.  ” he assured her. “Thank you. ” she said. 

Desert was served. He got up. She was going to join him..she saw a pee stain. Her diaper leaked. She was stunned. She did an enema. How did this happen?  She thought.

“I dont realy want desert. You go ahead. ” she said. “You sure?” he asked. “Yes. You go. ” she said. He did not want to go get desert without her. He got some desert and filled a plate.  He returned to the table. 

“I got to use the bathroom. I will be back.” she said. “Ok. ” he answered.  She tried to get up without him seing her wet spot. She went to the car and got her diaper bag. She went inside.

She went to the bathroom. She took off her skirt. She put it in a bag she put soiled cloths in. She took off her soiled diaper. She cleaned herself off and put on a new diaper. 

She took out a green dress. She put her diaper bag in her car. She went back to the dining room. She went back to the seat. She hoped that he did not notice that she had changed.

“Hi. ” he said. ” hey there!” she said. She stole a choclate chip cookie from his plate. “I am sorry. I love chocolates chip cookies. Usualy the kids deveror them. ” she told him. “Ita fine. ” he said. 

She peed the other diaper. She hated her incontinence.  After a time things started to die down.  She was getting tired. “I had better go. ” she said. “Can i walk you to your car?” he asked. “Yes of course” She said.

They walked to her car. “I had a great night.  ” he said.  “I have fun. ” she said.  “I am hear for you whenever you need to talk” he told her. She thanked him. 

He watched her leave. He drove to his house. He had a great night.  He knew he wanted to marry her. 

She went home and cried. She hugged her kids. She wanted to embrace him but she could not. She was afraid.

Next up.  

Read ask jeny out. She says no. 

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