“Diaper college “

a colege student discovers unusual rules.


I was a freshman at a sate colege. I had been sheltered as a child.  I never was out pass ten a clock. I was a home body. I had no interest in being out pass ten. I loved my family. I did want a little more fredom. I was ready to enter adult hood. 

The dorms were coed. The guy to girl on my floor was close to half. I was excited. I made friends almost right away. I liked the school almost immediately.  

We had to be back at the dorm by midnight.  That was fine by me. The first day went well. At night right before lughts out, the dorm supervisor called flooor meeting.  

The dorm supervisors welcomed the incoming students.  Freshman and transfer students.  “We have a rule that we do not talk about until the last minute. No one likes to admit that they have issues with bed wetting.  Some times first time colege students who have never had isues with bed time incontinence develop isues. It can caused by stress.  Over the years incoming freshman isues with incontinence have been on the rise. ” the supervisor said. 

I was perplexed.  I had no idea where he was going with this. ” all students hear are required to wear diapers at night. All students must be diapered before going to bed. The d.a will go room to room checking to make sure every student is diapered.  We will make sure that the diapers are secured.  ” d.a max said.

“We do not want the diaper to become frayed. We ask that you not take off your diaper until morning. The bathrooms are locked after midnight. You are not alowed to acess them. We recommend that you use the facilities before you go to bed.” debie the other d.a said.

 “We have to pee or poop in our diaper ” ellie a freshman asked. “Yes.that is true. Its sounds gross but take precautions.  ” max said.

I was shocked and stuned. I realy wanted to like the college.  So far i had. I was having a great time. I disliked this.  I see why they waited until now to inform us. 

“We need to look at your diaper. If you wear shorts or a nightgowan or pjs you will need to show us. We will need to make sure that it is festened correctly ” max said. 

Afer the meeting was concluded, we were to go to our rooms. I took off my shoes. I unzipped my jeens. I pulled it off. I took off my underware. 

Amanda my roommate came in. She took off her pants and panties. She took off her diaper. She asked me if i would close her straps.  I went over and closed it. She thanked me.

I took out my diaper. She closed my straps. I waited to put on shorts before the dorm advisors had time to examine it. I did not want to put it on just to take it off again. I waited.  

Max and debie came in. They looked at my diaper. They concluded that my diaper was sucure. Amanda diaper was looked over. She was concluded to have a sicure diaper as well. 

They left. I put on my shorts. She put on a t shirt but nothing else. I got into bed.my diaper felt weird. I tried not to wory about it. Everyone else hear wore a diaper. It rely was not a big deal. 

I fell asleep fairly easy. I did not wet myself. I woke up needing to pee. Mandy had peed her diaper. There was a huge stain on her diaper. 

I felt horible. I took off my diaper and used the toilet. I felt so good. I got dressed. Mandy took off her diaper and showered.  

The next night i went to bed.  I had not peed. I felt awfull again. I was getting tired of waking up with a full bladder. I decided to give permison to pee my diaper. 

I woke up in the middle of the night needing to pee. I waw going to let myself pee. I imagined being in a tolet. I imagined peing. The urine started to drip into my diaper. It started off small. More came. It felt good.  It was alnost orgasmic. I fell back asleep. 

I had a full diaper. I felt good. The next night i slept though the night but had a full diaper. Every night i slept like a baby. My diaper had been soiled.  It was like that every night. 

I tried to wear underware when i was home for break.  I peed the bed. I was now nocturnally incontinent. I wore diapers at night all the time. Other student said that they had the same problem. They all wore diapers every night from that time on. 

I was brothered by it at first. I got use to it. I was ok with it. I kind of enjoyed it. 

The end

This is a work of fiction and fantasy. This is no way reflects reality.  

Friends house

the story of high school friends reunited after several years of not seing eachother.

Max had been my best friend when i was young. We stayed friends all though eliminentry school and high school. Aftet graduation, we went our separate ways.  He went to college on the west coast and i went to college on the east coast. 

He went to school studying to work in cooperate finance. He wanted to be a coperate vice president of finance for a big compony. He was ambitious and determined. I had a feeling that he would suceed. 

I went to law school and graduated from law school. I perpared for my bar exam.  I decided to start my own law firm.  It was silly but i wanted to try to make a go of it. I actually kept my day job. Just in case. 

My law firm did take off. I was able to get clients. I developed a reputation. I was stil young and could make a life for myself. I would have mony. I had a purpose. That was what i wanted.  

Max too was going up the letter. He got a job in an accounting department at a fairly well known company.  He was able to move up to mid level management.  Then he was offered vice president of finance after his predecessor was moved up in position.  

We had tried to keep in touch after we graduated. We had for a little while. We talked on the phone and email.  Then we got buisy and had our own lives. We tried to keep in touch but it did not work. 

It seemed we had moved on. We were in a different place. Our lives no longer intertwined. Over time we were fine with it. We were so fine with it that we did not notice that we were apart. It was not a major factor in our lives. 

I made a coment on his social media page. He wrote a response.  I folowed up with a response of my own.  Then he commented.  We ended up having a long conversations on his wall. The conversation moved from his social media page wall to messenger. We had quite the on line conversation. It went on and on for quite some time.  

After a time i got a call. I answered my phone.  “Hello this is matt. ” i said.”matty its max. ” he said. I was thrilled to hear from him. We ended up talking on the phone for an hour in a half. It was like old times. 

We ended up talking on the phone back and fouth . we had nurmerous phone calls. He had suggested that i come visit him and stay over for a week or so. I did not think that he would really happen. I was prety sure that he did not think it would happen either. I said,sure that sounds great. We did continue to talk about it.it seemed like a pipe dream. It hardly sounded like something that would really happen.  

He kept talking to me about comming to visit him. Over time it became a real posibility. We decided that we were realy going to do it. We made arrangement for me to come see him for ten days. I would stay with him in his home. 

I held out my enthusiasm at first. I refused to get execited. Then as we cemented our plans, i got more and more excited.  Then as i got closer to my vacation, i got realy excited.  I wanted to see max again.  I knew that max wanted to see me. 

I worked my last door before my vacation. I had packed thoughout the week. After i completed my last shift before the vacation , i went home and finished up the packing. I went to bed and the next day i got ready to go. 

A friend of myine drove me to the airport. I was there in plenty of time.until i actualy borded the plane, i still did not totaly feel that it was real. As the plane neared the airport near max, i knew that indeed this was really going to happen. 

The plane touched down. We were allowed to disembark. We got up from the plane. I was exilerated as i departed from the aircraft. I looked for my friend. After a few seconds of canvassing the area i found him. 

I walked over to him. I gave him a great big hug. I got in his car and we headed to his house. We arived. He took out his grill. We got caught up on what we had doing.  We reminisced about our crazy activities as a kid. We laughed a lot. 

It was like no time had passed. We both had a lot of fun. I was definently enjoying myself. I could tell that he was as well. 

After a long day of hanging out and catching up,  we were both tired. We both decided to call it a night. 

“Hey i am going to have you stay in the guest room. It is tje first bed room up the stairs to your right. ” max said. “Oh ok. Sounds good. ” i answered. “I have another request. ” he said. I was taken a back. I had no idea what this ‘request’ was. “What is this request? “I asked. 

“I want you to wear a diaper to bed. ” he said. “A diaper?” i asked. “Yes. I waterptoofed the bed but just as a perquation, i want you to wear one.  ” he said. I was totaly shocked. I was not expecting that. 

“A diaper? Realy max! I have not had a problem with bed wetting sense i was eight. I dont have any problem with incontinence. ” i assured him. 

“I remember your issues when you were younger. I have not seen you in a while. I think it is a wise perqaution knowing your history matty. ” he said.

I did not want to fight with him over this. This was his house. I agreed. We went upstairs.  He took out a diaper.  I pulled down my pants.  I took off my underwear. I laid on my back on the bed. He put a diaper under my bum.i closed the diaper. I put on shorts. I slept well. 

I woke up. I had not peed myself. I hoped mayby i would convince him that i am fully poty traned and wearing a diaper is realy not necessary.  I woke up and went downstairs. He was making brwakfast.

“How did you sleep?” he asked. “I slept great.  ” i told him. I noticed he had pajama bottom.  He had a bulge.  “Are you wearing a diaper?” i asked. “I wear diapers at night now.  It feels so good.  Did you soil yourself?” he asked. “No i did not. “I said. 

“You should. It feels so good. “He said. I was stuned. After breakfast he asked me to help him take off his diaper.  We went to his room. I took off his diaper. It was realy wet.i threw it away. 

He told me it would be a shame to waste a diaper.  He told me to pee myself.  I tried and tried. I could not do it. He told me to relax. He told me to picture a toilet.  He told me to tell my brain it was ok to let go. Fibaly the urine leaked out. It felt weird. It also felt good. I liked it 

That night we diapered eachother. I woke up wet.so did he.  We changed eachother.  That night he suggested we sleep in the same bed. I liked that idea.  We laid in bed.

Neither of us was gay.  We both liked girls.  We had had girlfriends.  We were both busy with carers so we were not dating as of late. We were one of those friendship where we made people wounder. We did not care. 

We hung out all week. We played basketball. We ran together. We watched tv and movies together. At one time he leened on me. I put my arm around him.

One night we cuddled.  I hated when the vacation was over. He came to visit me a few moths later. We continue to correspond.  I wore a diaper at night.  I pied my diaper at night. I wore regular underwear at in the day. I never had an issue.  

Max and i kept in touch.  He started his own compony in my town. Eventually we decided to move in together. We sleep in the same bed.  Are we a couple?  It is not clearly defined at least not yet. 

The end. 

Diapered widow. Episode four 

jeny and read go to a church event for singles.

The church wanted to be a church for everyone.  While they avoided fads or gimmicks used by church growth or seaker sensitive,  they wanted everyone to feel like they are a part of the church.  

In many churches, including fundamental churches,  singles can get lost in the shuffle. A previous pastor and his wife started to have banquets for singles three times a year. The banquits proved to be a huge success.  They continued to hold them. They continued to be successful.  They were continuing to be held. 

Over the years, these banquits produced couples and marriages.  Some were totaly out of the blue. When that pastor left, it was assumed that the banquits might not happen after that. The new pastor and his wife loved the idea.  It was continued. 

By the time that Jennifer’s late husband took over, it was a staple in the church. Jen had taken it over when her husband took over. When Bryan died, the new pastor and his wife took it over.  

It had been a while sense he died. The pastor’s wife tried to get her to come. If nothing else it would be a night out. She had always rebuffed her. Ever sense they started having planning meetings for the event, she knew that it was coming.  She knew that the pastor’s wife would try to get her to attend. She knew that it was only a matter of time before she did. 

Of course, that did. “Oh jen. I wanted to personally give you an invitation to the singles night event. ” nancy said.”oh. Thank you. ” she said. ” i realy hope that you can come.  ” nancy said. 

“I dont think that i can. I appreciate the offer.  ” she said. ” debie can watch the kids.  I already asked her. ” nancy said. “I dont know.  ” Jennifer answered. 

“Please come . it is for singles.  Don’t think of it as that but just a get out night. The fact that it is all singles is non sequitor.you realy should come. Jen i think you need a break. That is what it is. ” nancy told her. 

“I dont know! ” she said.  “Is this because of your bladder isues?” she asked . “a little.  ” she said. “Jen it is not a big deal i promise you that. Please say you will come. I am not taking no for an answer.  ” nancy said. 

“Do i have to stay the whole night?” jen asked. “No you don’t.  Stay for a little while. ” she told jen. She agreed. She realy hoped that she would not regret this. She feared that she might.

“Read are you going to go to the singles banquit. Nan is planing some realy neat stuff. ” the pastor told her.”i might.  I am not sure. ” he said “it is not a big deal. You dont have to mingle with single ladies.  Nancy is trying to downplay the matchmaking aspect. It is not a find a date event. ” he assured read.

“I know. I might go. ” he said. “She is going to be there. Nancy made sure of that. ” the pastor said. He was not sure what the pastor ment by that. He was afraid that he was referring to Allison.  “Which her are you refering to?” he asked.  “Jennifer.  ” the pastor said. 

“I hope i have not been out of line pastor. I know that she is an elder stateswomen of the church. I hope i have been disrespectfull. ” read said.

“You have not. I know you care about her. Nancy has tried to convince her to come. ” he told him.  ” mayby i will come..” he said. The pastor said.

“She is an honorable lady.  She is full of virtue.  She would make a wonderful wife “the pastor said. “I have no doubt of that. ” read said. 

The time of the banquit arived. Jennifer tried to certail liquid intake as it got closer to the event. She stripped out if her clothes.  She gave herself a through enema.  She made sure to expell as much pee and poop as she could.  She wiped herself off. She took a shower. She was through.  She braided her hair. She loved to style her hair. Bryan used to love her hair. He loved to play with her hair. She missed him. He was so gentle.  He was so loving. 

She saw a lot of Bryan in read. Read seemed gentle.  He was different. They had a lot of differences. He had some of the same good qualities.  She put on a pink blouse and a pink and white flower print skirt . she usualy wore heels but she put on sandles. She felt a bit silly.  She almost changed but debie told her that she looked stunning.  She thought she might just being nice. 

She hoped that her diaper was not evident. She knew that she could not totaly avoid the puff efect. She tried to mitigate it as best as she could. 

Read wore a blue button down shirt and tan pants. He got ready to leave.  He was nervous but decided to go. He drove to the church.

He went inside. Sacred music was played in the background. There was ribbons and other decorations.  She looked for jenny. Several single lades tried to initiate eye contact with her.he would have none of it. He had only one reason to be hear. Then he saw her. 

She saw read.she was taken aback by how he looked at her. She could tell that he was wowed by her. It was not lust but some thing else. It was intense . no one had look at her like that. Not sense Bryan.  

What if he learned her secret? Could he look at a girl who peed and popped her pants that way? She wanted to run the other way. She decided not to do that.  

He walked towards her. He smiled. “Hi jenafur” he said.  “Jennifer?  Are we being formal tonight?” she asked.  “Well i kinda usurped that name. Mayby you dont want me to call you jenny. ” he said.

“You can call me jeny. “She said. “Ok. I dont have a nickname . pitfals of a one silyble name i suppose.  ” he said. “She chuckled. 

“You look so nice tonight. Not that you dont always lose nice but you look exceptionally nice tonight.  Wait that did  not come out right. I am going to quiet down now!” he said. 

She laughed hysterically.  “Thank you. That meens a lot to me. You look very handsome yourself. ” she said.”thanks.  ” he said.

“I wondered if you would come. ” he said. “I did not want to.they had tried to get me to come for a while. I had rebuffed there urgings. I need a break.” she said.

“I am glad your hear.  I considered not coming. Single banquit is not my thing but i decided to come. “He said. They sat down. They got a plate of food. He got more meat then vegetables. “Le me guess your a carnivore! ” she asked. “Yes. What gave it away?” he asked in a tounge and cheak tone. They both laughed.

They went back to the table. They sat down.  “How is your fithty pounds pf beef?” she asked.”good. How is your salid?” she asked.  “Its good.  ” she said.

“This is the first time you have come? “He asked. “Yes. I finaly decided to come.” she said. “I am glad you came. “He said. “So why were you reluctant to come?” she asked. “I am kinda the topic of conversation. I am signle. I don’t want to be the center of attention.  ” he said. “Why did you decide to come? ” she asked.  “I was hopping to see you. ” he said.  ” realy?” she asked.  

“I am totaly serious jen. ” he said. She smiled. She did like him. She was not sure if she was ready for another relationship again. She peed into her diaper.  She was hoping that he did not notice. He did not seem to. 

“Me? I am an old women!” she said. “No your not. Your not that much older then me. ” he said. “I feel a lot older. ” she said. 

“Your still young. ” he said. “I feel like i have lived a thousand lifetimes. I dont feel young. ” she said.  “You have done an amazing job. You have a great family. ” he said. “I do what i can. I try to run the family the way bryan would want me to. I try to please the lord. Bryan was a godly man. He left a powerful example. ” she said.

“You really loved him?” he remaeked. “Indeed i do. I miss him. He was my childhood sweetheart. I never dated anyone but him. I am sory i get sad when i think about it. “She told him. 

“Its ok. I know that it will take time. Its ok to be sad. ” he said. She took a deep breath. “I did not meen to go on and on about him.” she said. “Your fine jenny. You can talk to me about anything.  ” he assured her. “Thank you. ” she said. 

Desert was served. He got up. She was going to join him..she saw a pee stain. Her diaper leaked. She was stunned. She did an enema. How did this happen?  She thought.

“I dont realy want desert. You go ahead. ” she said. “You sure?” he asked. “Yes. You go. ” she said. He did not want to go get desert without her. He got some desert and filled a plate.  He returned to the table. 

“I got to use the bathroom. I will be back.” she said. “Ok. ” he answered.  She tried to get up without him seing her wet spot. She went to the car and got her diaper bag. She went inside.

She went to the bathroom. She took off her skirt. She put it in a bag she put soiled cloths in. She took off her soiled diaper. She cleaned herself off and put on a new diaper. 

She took out a green dress. She put her diaper bag in her car. She went back to the dining room. She went back to the seat. She hoped that he did not notice that she had changed.

“Hi. ” he said. ” hey there!” she said. She stole a choclate chip cookie from his plate. “I am sorry. I love chocolates chip cookies. Usualy the kids deveror them. ” she told him. “Ita fine. ” he said. 

She peed the other diaper. She hated her incontinence.  After a time things started to die down.  She was getting tired. “I had better go. ” she said. “Can i walk you to your car?” he asked. “Yes of course” She said.

They walked to her car. “I had a great night.  ” he said.  “I have fun. ” she said.  “I am hear for you whenever you need to talk” he told her. She thanked him. 

He watched her leave. He drove to his house. He had a great night.  He knew he wanted to marry her. 

She went home and cried. She hugged her kids. She wanted to embrace him but she could not. She was afraid.

Next up.  

Read ask jeny out. She says no. 

The fiancée 

a college student visiting his fiancée family get a shock.

Matt and Lindsay were a young couple. They met in college.  Matt and Lindsay maried shortly after they graduated. They had children.  This is a story from there early days of dating.  

Hi I’m matt. I met lindsey in college. I had grown up in a smal town. My dad owned his own business. I went to college in a different sate. It was mu first time that i had been out of the sate. 

Lindsey grew up in a citty. Her dad was a lawyer and a judge. Her mom was a home maker.  She worked from home. She was a notery public.

We were very different.  I saw life from a prisom of growing up in a rural area. She grew up in a city. I was basicaly a common person . she was kind of an aristocrat at least in where she lived. Her family was prominent.  

She was smart. She was third in her graduating class at high school. She was on the deens list at colege and maintained a 4.0 gpa. She was on the student council. She was smart and attractive.  
  I was an ok student.  In high school i was mostly a b, c student.  In colege i buckled down and was an A,b student. I did good for me. I was not even close to her level. 

I had a few clases with lindsey. I had seen her around.  We had said hi to eachother and engaged in talk about the wreather. That was about it. 

Then she was elected to the student council as class president.  On a fluke i was elected class tresuer. I was schocked. I was good with mony. I did not know That anyone knew who i was. 

Lindsey and i worked closly together. We got to know eachother.  I had a bit of a crush on her. I figured that i never had a shot with her. I was not thinking of a serious relationship with her or a casual one for that matter.  I was not even sure that we were acquaintances at that point. I was ok with that. 

We started to get to know eachother more. We started to see more and more of eachother.  As it turned out we had quite a lot of common interest. We both liked science fiction and fantasy. We both liked books. Our musical taste were similar.  We are not as different as we thought.  

I decided to ask her out for cofee. I waa so nervous.  I did not think that she would say yes. I decided to throw caution to the wind and ask her out. 

“Linse i was wondering if you wanted to go out for cofee some time.” i asked. I was realy nervous. I almost backed out several times.  I decided to go with it. Whatever hapened hapened.  

There it was. I had said it. There was no going back now. It was out there.”yes. I will go with you. That would be fun.” she answered. I was shocked. I never thought that she would say yes but then she did. 

The first date was amazing.  She wore a realy cute ourfit. She wore a pink sweter and a pink and white skirt with flowers. She wore flip flops. She had spent time braiding her hair. Neither one of us was nervous at the date. We hung out at the cofe house for an hour and a half. Then we hung out at the campus until we were both almost faling asleep. Then we called it a night. 

We had a second date. We went out for dinner. The second date led to a third and fouth and kept on going. After several dates, i asked her if she would be wiling to be my girlfriend.she said yes. 

Our relationship grew and grew. We both were pleased with the relationship.  We grew closer together.  

In our jr year at colege i proposed and she said yes. I was schocked that she said yes. She teased me about that later on. She assured me that she would never not say no. She had been looking forward to him proposing. She told me that she could not wait for me to propose. 

Over the summer she asked me to stay with her and her family for a couple of weeks. I was nervous about it. She realy wanted me to. I agreed. We would both be buisy over the sumer before our senior year. It would be nice to have a few weeks to spend together before we got realy buisy with summer.  I was woried that her parent’s would not like me. I was woried that i would say stupid stuff. That seemed to happened a lot with me. She assured me that it would be fine. 

I was able to drive to the city. She met me at a local gass station. I followed her to her family home. I got even more nervous as the time got closer. We arrived.  

Hee parents were great. They went out of there way to make me feel welcomed.  I liked them alnost right away. Her mom was an amazing cook. They were really good hosts.  Things went great. 

I had been disarmed.  My fears had gone away. I was back to my nornal stuff. I felt at home.  Then it took a realy weird turn. 

“Did you explain to him the procedure? ” her mom asked. I had no idea what that ment. That sounded really odd. “Oh no i have not. “Lindsey answered. 

I was really concerned.  What did that mean?  Both of us were virgins. We had agreed to not to have sex until we are married.  We agreed to sleep in different rooms while i was at her parents house.  What was this procedure?  

“Babe, mom has realy expensive bedding.  It is very nice.  Mom requires all who sleep hear to wear diapers.  “She told me. 

I was shocked and stunned.  Diapers? How could this be? I had not had problems with bed wetting sense i was poty trained. She assured me that she was not singling me out. Everyone who stays hear has to wear diapers.  

“So do you wear diapers hear?” i asked. “Yes i do. I always have worn diapers to bed. Even at college.  I find them comfortible and relaxing. ” lindsey told me. 

“Once your diapered i dont want you to take it on and off. Please if you have to use the bathroom go in your diaper ” her mom said. I was really stunned now. Not only do i have to wear a diaper but i have to use it for its intended purpose.  I was not about to protest. I was guest at there house. I agreed to there terms.

She told me to use the bathroom. I had tried to decrease my liquid intake. Lindsey took my hand and we went to the bedroom.  Lindsey voluntered to go first. 

Her nom told lindsey to pull down her skirt and panty. She got on the changing table. Her mom put her in a diaper and used baby powder. She closed the straps. She put her in plastic pants over her diaper.  She looked cute with a poof. She did not put her skirt back on. 

It was my turn. I took off my pants and underwear. I felt weird being naked from the waist down in front of my fiancée and my future mother in law. I got on the changing table. The diaper felt weird. The baby powder made me shiver a bit. She closed the flaps.

We hugged and kiseed. I went to the bed room. I felt weird being in front of her two btothers in a diaper. They were diapered as well. I supposed that it was not that odd. 

I got into bed. It was comfortible.  I started to drift into sleep. I slept like a babby. I slept until morning.  I  woke up in the morning.  I saw a bulge in my diaper. I had wet myself.  

The house rules was that her mom had to renove diapers. I saw lindsey.  She had a t shirt and diaper. Her diaper was quite full. I saw a stain on her diaper 

“You wet your diaper?” i asked. “I always do. Dont wory about it.” she said. I was told i could go first. I got on the changing table. My future mother in law took off the plastic pants and then opened my diaper. She wiped me with a wet wipe. My thing got aroused.  My fiencae told me she got aroused when she was washed. 

I got to put on underwear and pants. I felt free not having a diaper. Lindsey went next.  Her mom took off her plastic pants and diaper. It was hot seeing her mom clean her diaper area. She put on panties.  

We showered and changed.  I got used to wearing diapers at night.lindsey and i grew closer over those two weeks. We watched movies while in diapers. 

I was sad when the vacation ended.i went back to my home. I worked for my dad. I had a good summer.  I worked hard but made mony. 

I was excited not to have to wear diapers to bed.  I woke up yhe first night i was back i had wet the bed. I had not wet the bed sense i had completed poty training.  I thought it was a fluke.  I wet the bed every night for a week. 

I could not not wet the bed. I started wearing diapers to bed. I stayed wearing diapers. I was a night time diaper wearer from now on.

Lindsey explained my body got use to having the diaper. She told me i was night time incontinent now. She assured me that it was not a big deal.she was incontinent at night. So were her brothers and sisters.  

When we got maried we diapered eqchother at night.  It was a bounding experience.she was diapered when she gave birth to our son and daughter. We loved night time and wearing diapers. 

The end. 

Friends house

a college student while visiting with her roomates family has to wear diapers.

Sense arriving at colege,Amy had become my best friend. She was my roommate.  She was an uper classman. She and i hit it off almost immediately.  Her roomate the year before did not get along. Her roomate had bearly talked to her. She was a workaholics who only studied.  Amy hugged me when i first arived.

We were very similar.  We both had similar interest. We both liked to study intently but still wake up and smell the roses every once and a while. We did not have much of a social life but that was ok. We focused on studies but we had fun too. 

We both like to laugh.  We like to joke around. We did not let it interfear with our studies. We just seemed to click. We were both from small towns. Our parents own land. Our parents ran small businesses. 

While many on campus were uber leftest, we were both middle of the road center right conserrvitives. We were not political activist. We liked the same kind of music and television.  We were instently best friends. 

We spent almost all of our off time with each other. I was shy and i was a little homesick.  She was in the same boat a year ago. She told me that she totaly understood.  A year ago, no one was there to help her.  She decided that she was going to be there for me. She definently did that. I was very appreciative of that.   

We became very good friends. It was the time of our spring break. This would be the last break before the end of the academic year. Amy invited me to spend the spring break with her and her family.  

I was reluctent to go. I was shy and nervous about going to see her family. I was very introverted. I was nervous about meeting new people.  I was nervous about going to colege and i was nervous about having a roomate. I tried to brush off her invitation but she kept asking and asking. Finaly after quite a bit of persuasion i agreed to her offer. 

She was so happy that i agreed to come. I could tell that she was realy exited about me coming. Growing up she was a home body.  She was home schooled and the exstent of her social interaction was with her siblings. 

She was sheltered as a kid. She was smart and prety. The boys at colege liked her. She was shy. Her first year at colege did not help. Her roomate ignored her. She was too nervous to realy intetact with other freshman.she kept to herself. She focused almost entirety on her studies the first year. It paid off. She had a 4.0 g.p.a. 

This year she hoped to make friends.she did, me. She realy wanted me to come home with her. I was nervous but excited at the same time. I felt like i was doing this for her more then for me. 

After the final exam , we changed and loaded up the car. We headed out. We went in her car. We drove from the college to her home town of everit Wisconsin.  it was a seven hour drive.we stopped for breaks and for lunch and pee and gass stops. we drove in shifts. 

We arived at the town of everit fairly late at night.  It was a smal town.  We drove to her property. It was as vest as i thought. We parked. We got out of the vehicle. 

The door opened, her mom and dad and siblings came out of the home. They were so happy to see amy. I could clearly see that she was loved. I knew she loved them. Her mom and dad and siblings gave her a big hug. 

“This is erin!” amy declared. They gave me a great big hug. I was not expecting that.  They were very welcoming.  They were very sweet. 

They had a big dinner waiting for us. The meal was great. I liked her family right away. They were very silly. I enjoyed seing this side of amy. She was uasualy very serious but hear at her house, she was totaly silly. I liked seing her silly side. 

After dinner, we hung out. They had a lot if catching up to do. I gues i had a lot of connecting to do with them. We seam to do a lot of that that night. I was starting to get realy tired. I could tell that amy was too. 

Amy said that she was going to turn in. She asked if i wanted to go to bed as well. I thought she would never ask. I answered in the affirmative.  “Did you explain what we do hear?” her mom asked. I had no idea what she ment. It seemed like an odd comment.  I tried not to draw any conclusion. 

“No i did not. ” amy said. “Sense your new hear, we dont know your medical heath. I waterproof the sheats. It is just a precaution.  ” her mom said.”oh ok” i said.  I was fine with that. That did not seam too out of the ordinary. 

“We want you to wear a diaper to bed. ” her mom asked. “I. Will wear a diaper to bed as well.”Amy said. “Sense i dont want the diaper to fray. If you need to pee or poop please use the diaper.  ” her mom said.

My heart sank. I had to wear a diaper. Not only that but i have to use it for its intended purposes.  I was shocked and stunned.  This was her house. She got to make the rules while i stay there.  “Oh ok. Sure. Thats fine!” i responded. She was hsppy with my answer. 
Her mom asked us to go upstairs. She folowed us. We went to the bedroom that we would be staying in while we were hear.  She shut the door. “Ok. Take off your cloths girls!” her mom said.

Amy took off her sweater. She then took off her purple blouse. She then took off her black skirt. She took off her half slip.she unclasped her bra and took off her panties. 

I took off my green top. I felt weird taking off my cloths in front of my best friend and her mom. I removed my denim skirt. I took off my half slip . i took off my bra and panties. 

I was not a lesbien. I thought that amy was totaly beutifull. I tried to resist the urge to stare at her. I was looking anyways. I could not avoid that.  

I could tell that she was staring at me. She constantly told me that i was beutifull. I was not so sure but i believed that she believed it. I accepted it. 

I could tell that her mom was staring at me as well. I did not mind. It was weird being naked in front of them. If amy did not like being nude in my presence,i did not know about it. 

Her mom had me lay down. She took out a diaper and put it under my bum she poored on baby powder and then closed the diaper.  She then put on a onesie. She put it over my diaper. It felt weird. 

She put amy in a diaper. She kised her both goodnight.  I got into her bed. She got in too. She cuddled with me.  “Oh i am sory. ” she said. She moved away.  I  asked her to come back. We held eachother to sleep. 

“You like wearing diapers? ” i asked..”i love it. I sneek diapers at college.  I am carefull to mask the smell. ” she told her. 

I woke up the next morning. I slept like a baby. I was wet. I had not pee the pet sense i poty traned. “Hi hunnie. ” she said. “I pied my diaper. Did you?” she asked. “Yes i did. ” she said. 

Her mom changed us. We showered together then changed into day cloths. That night we were diapered again. 

It was an amazing vacation. It was so much fun. I loved her family. They appeared to love me as well. Amy assured me that they did. After a grueling freshman year, i was glad to have some time off. This was the vacation i needed.  

We heeded back after nine days of vacation. We took turns driving. Then we arived back on campus.  I slept do much better in a diaper. We put eachother in diapers. We slept in the same bed. 

The rest of the year we wore diapers to bed. Over the sumer i wore diapers at night. The next year i befriended by roomate. I introduced her to diapers. We slept in the same bed. 

She was so homesick at first. I held her and comforted her. Amy and i though not roomates stayed friends. We decided to date. She was ok with my sleeping with anna. 

Next year she will be a senior.  I am not thanking about that right now.

The end.  

The date

a pastor’s son get a blind date with a girl who struggled with fecal incontinence

David was a very buisy guy. He was the son of a pastor.  His dad pastored an independent fundamental baptist church. David followed in his dad’s foot steps. He went to a baptist colege and stufied to be a pastor. He was interning under his dad. 

He was a kind of defecto assistant and youth pastor. He was kept buisy. He did not mind that at all. He was not afraid of hard work. He understood the importence of hard work in the calling he felt called to. He accepted it. He was hard working and dedicated. 

He did not have time for much of a social life. He was fine with that. He wanted to be maried but had no idea how to find a wife. He was not overly concerned about it. He beleved he would find a wife at the right time. 

He felt he needed to keep the main thing the main thing. He focused on the work.  He was well liked and well respected.  He was mature and industrious.  He was a person of integrity and character..everyone thought that he would make an excellent husband and farther. 

His sister decided to set him up with someone. “Hey dave,i know someone who would be perfect for you!” Melissa said. “Oh no! Are you trying to set me up on a blind date? ” dave asked.

She chuckled. “Mayby a little! She is a really sweet girl. You will really like her. ” she remarked.  “I dont know missy. A blind date? I want to meet someone but blind dates feel realy forced.  ” he said 

“It will be fine.  It is a low presure event Dave.  You just have lunch and talk. She is a really nice girl. She is a pastor’s daughter. Her grandparents were missionaries in africa. Both sides of her family are deeply intertwined with fundamental baptists. She went to a Baptist  colege and is deeply imvolved with a local baptist church. She is prety and sweet and smart. ” Melissa said.

“I Dont know missy. I am not sure i have time to even consider a relationship! ” he said. “It is not going to get easier dave. You are not going to get any less buisy. There will never be a good time. You are never going to not be buisy. Give her a chance. Do this for me! Please! One little faver. Have i ever steered you wrong? ” she asked. “You did give me that weird shirt! ” he said. She chuckled. 

He thought it over quickly. He knew she really wanted him to do this.  He knew she would not relent until he agreed to just one date. He decided why not. If nothing else, it would be a night out. He could use a break. 

“Alright!  I will do it. I am only committed to one date. If it goes really bad, i am leaving early. “Dave said. “Fine! I can agree to that.  ” she said.  “Alright!  I will do it!” he said. She smiled. “I am so glad. You will absolutely love her. This is going to be great! ” she said. 

He was not quite as convinced but he was wiling to give it a chance. He and his sister were close. He trusted her. He was not sure about being set up on a date with a complete stranger.  Missy liked her and she was a good judge of character.  

Apparently she was a friend of hers from her college.  He was wiling to meet her and give her a chance.  He would see where this went. He was not too hopefull. He realy did not think that it would go anywhere. It was a night out. 

He was not dreading it but he was not overly looking forward to it. He was not nervous but he wondered how it would go. What if they had nothing to talk about? What if they had nothing to talk about? What if it was all awkward silence after akward silence? He tried not to sweet over it. How bad could it be? Besides it could be a really good night. One never knew. He decided not to stress over something that had not happened yet. He tried to keep an open mind about it all. 

After a week of anticipation and a little concern, the time had arived. He decided to dress casually but not too casualy. He put on a blue button down shirt. He put on brown pants. He tried to look neat but still be dressed down.  He wanted to look presentable but relaxed.  

He did not spend a lot of time primping but spent some time getting ready.  He did  style his hair. He did not use cologne.  He did use after shave however. 

He felt like he was ready to go. He took a deep breath. Then he got his keys and headed out. He went to the car and got in. He drove to the apartment of his date. He arived at her place.  

She was waiting inside near the porch. She excited. She wore a white sweater and a pink and white dress. She wore dress shoes. Her hair was braided into a pony tail. She apeared attractive. She seemed to be 21 mayby 22. Dave was 27. 

She walked to the car. “Hi i am clare” she said.  She had a soft melodic vioce.she seemed shy but not too reserve.  She was calm. She seemed nice. 

Dave introduced himself. He invited her to get in. “So is Greg’s family restaurant ok?” he asked. “Yes thats fine. ” she answered.  “So you dont speak in toungs? Believe in the five ponts of Calvinism ,listen to k love, reada bible version other then the kjv or drink moxie? ” he asked. 

She chuckled. “No to all of those.  ” she reaplied. He laughed “thats good to hear. ” he reaplied.  They both laughed. “I assume you are not a Calvinist,  dont read a non kjv ,listen to ccm or drink moxie? ” she asked in jest.  “No to all especially moxie because ooh. “He said. She laughed.

The truck parked at the restaurant.  He turned off the car. They both excited the vehicle. They went inside. They were seated. 

“So you are the assistant pastor at living hope baptist church?” she asked. “It is unofficial but yes. When i graduated bible colege,i told my dad to put me to work. He did and thensome. I was working towards ordination. I have a license to preach the gospel.  “He said.

“I see. You are working towards pastoring a church?”she asked. “Yes i am.  I am learning a lot from my dad. I am glad for the opportunity to work under him and with him. ” he said. “I have never met him but i have heard good things about him. Your church has a realy good reputation within the i.f.b community.  ” she tolf him.

“So your a jr in bible colege? ” he asked.”yes. I am a junior. I want to be a pastor’s wife. I want to teach Sunday school and children churh and leed ladies ministry as well. ” she said. 

“Do you get grades? ” he asked in a teasing tone. “I do. I have a 4.0 gpa.” she said. “I did not have a 4.0 g.p.a but i got mostly As. I have dyslexia.  I have to work at it. I did ok. ” he said. 

“Thats good. ” she said. The date was going well. They had similar interests and personality. They laughed alot. It was a great date.he realy did not think anything of it before. He liked her. He suspected that she liked him. Things were going very well. He began to think that she night be a serious candidate to be his future wife. 

Then the diner took an odd turn. He ordered a steak and potaoes. She ordered a chicken salid. During the meal she felt weird. She had pooped herself. 

She had no idea what to do.  She was totaly humiluated. She had had isues with bowel incontinence.  It was not a complete issue. It did happen hear and there. It had not happened recently.  

She tried not to draw attention to it. She tried to act as if nothing had happened.  She did not realy have an apitite after she soiled herself. She did not have an extra pair or panties. She was crap out of luck.  

After a while,  he paid for the meal. He had noticed that she stopped eating. She had stopped talking.  He figured out that she had had a bulge.  He figured out that she had pooped herself.  He did not want to make a big deal about that. 

He could   that she just wanted to get out. He liked her.he wanted a second date or more. They said little.he thanked her for the date. She left. She went inside. 

She took off her cloths. She showered. She cleaned herself out. She was shocked and stunned. She wanted to forget about the date.

Melisa got two conflicting stories. Clare did not want to talk about it. Dave told his sister that he liked her he waited a while but he called her.

“I have hsd isues with bladder incontinence off and on. It can be u perdictible” she told him over the phone.  He convinced her to agree to abother date.

She brought diapers. She wore diapers this time. The seccond date went great.  She wore diapers during there dates. 

They eventually got maried. They had a son and twin daughters. He got to pastor a church.  She wore dippers alnost all the time. 

The end.  

Diaper for periods. 

a young lady uses diapers during her period.

Jenafer and ben had been dating for a few mounths. They were in a retail store.  They decided to pick up a few things. They were religious and did not live together or engage in marital relation before marriage.  They were both in college. 

They were doing some shoping. They were done. He was heading for the checkout.she realized that she needed to pick up one more thing.  “Wait babe.  I neeed to pick up one more thing. Why dont you go hang out in electronics!  I will meet up with you later. ” she said. 

He was surprised.they did not shop together alot but when they did,  they stuck together.  He was taken aback when she wanted them to split up. “Why dont we go together?  No need to split up? ” he suggested.  

“Well this is a kind of personal matter. ” she said. ” is it that time of the nounth?” he asked. ” yea i would rather just do this on my own if you dont mind?” she remarked. ” oh ok. ” he said. 

He hugged her as they dispersed. They did not kiss but did hug. He headed towards electronics while she headed towards pharmacy and toiletry area.  She was glad to be without him while she picked up this particuler item. 

She had the shoping cart. She arived at the part of the store where the health and beauty products were sold. She whealed the shoping cart to the health products.  He thought that maybe she was picking up a maxi pad or tampon. That was not what she was picking up.  He did not know that. 

She went over to adult diapers. She looked over diapers.  She found the diapers she wanted. She picked it up and threw it into her cart. She headed to electronics in order to meet back up with ben. 

She arived back at electronics.  They headed on to the checkout. She paid for her stuff first.  Luckily he not notice that she had diapers in her cart. They were in a bag and he was none the wiser.  

They headed out after paying.  They went to his car. They leaded it up. He saw the bag. “You bought diapers?” he asked. “Oh no! You saw it.yes i got diapers.  I have a rather heavy flow.  Its drives me crazy.  A tampon or maxi pad just do not work.  For a while, i just put up with it. I grinned and beared it.  It was realy messy. I lost a lot of my favaerate skirts and underwear from this.  I had no idea what to do. ” she said. 

“A friend of myine sugested that i use adult diapers.  I was stunned and taken aback.  The very thought if using diapers was degrading and humiliating.  After some more bad episodes,  i felt i had no choice. I decided to go for it” she said. 

“I felt weird when i put on my first diaper.  It did help.  It was a huge help. I got over my humhumiliation.  Period time i am all about the diaper. ” she said.  

“I see.  Its fine.  I was just stuned a little stuned but it was fine.  ” he said. “I should have told you. I am sory for that.  There was no reason not to tell you. ” she said. 

“Its fine. I totaly understand.  ” he said. They finished loading the car. He closed the trunk. They got into the car. He drove her home. The car parked. He helped her load the car into the apartment. He tried to never be alone with her in her apartment too often.  They brought the suplies in then they went out. 

He hugged her. He got in and then left. She went inside. Her period had started but it was not too bad yet. She went into the bathroom.  She pulled down her panties and took them off. She took off her pad. She cleaned herself off but put on a diaper. 

She liked diapers now. She had hated them at first. She celebrated when sge use panties again.  She find them comforting.  It helped the peroud. He had never noticed her diapers before. Now he saw a poof. It did not brother him 

He was able to notice her period time.  She stoped being nervous around him. She openly told him that he needed to get diapers. He bought them in front of him. They were fine with how she did things. 

She only used diapers for ger period. She used the toilet for peing and pooping. One day she got lazy.  She was watching telivison. She just peed in her diaper. She found it easier to pee into her diaper. 

She did not tell ben about it. She returned to her old ways. She wore regular unserwear again. 

They contibued to date.  He proposed to her. She accepted. She wore fiapets during the wedding.  She continued to wear diapers during her periods.  When she became pregnent with there first child she wore diapers when her child was born. 

The birth of her daughter played with her bladder. She strugled with incontinence.  She decided to wear diapers all the time.

She asked ben and got his approval. Her continence got better but she continued to wear diapers.  Her bladder control inproved. When she got pregnent with her son , her bladder took a turn for the worse again.  She was fine with that.

Ben decided to try wearing diapers himself. He liked it. He and her loved to cuddle eachother in diapers.  In time he became unpoty traned and incontinent.  They lived hapuly diapered after after.

The end.