A ski acident leaves a man with a brokon leg. A trip to a rehab hospital results in incontinence.

Im erick. I am 22 years old.  I am in college.  I love to ski. I have been known to take risks.  Probably more risk then i probably should.  I am not rackless but could stand to being a litle more  carefull. 

While skiying over winter vacation,  i injured my leg. It was broken. I was told i was goung to be laid up for a while.  That was definitely not what i wanted to hear. Not at all. 

The doctor recomended i go to a rehab hispital. I was not down for that. I thought that this was a terible idea. I was totaly against it. I was not going it. The hospital staff was determined to convince me to go there. After a series of discussion i finaly relented .” 

How bad could it be i thought. I was transported there by ambulence. I gues it was standered pricedure. It seemed to be overkill but oh well. 

It was about an houers drive from the hospital to the rehab center. It seemed like an eternity.  I dosed in and out of sleep on the trip up. I could not realy sleep. Being in the strecher in an ambulence was not realy condusive to restful sleep. 

I saw the rehab center as the ambulence pulled in. From the outside it looked nice enough. It pulled in to a designated parking area. I was whealed out.i was brought inside. 

I waa brought to my room. I was greated by dr. Valerie rowe Dawson. Dr. Dawson was the facility administrator. She allowed patcients to refer to her as valerie. She seemed very plesent.

“Hi im valerie. I run this facility.  “she told her. ” it is good to meet you.”i told her. “we have a few rules i need to discus with you ” she said.i had considered that there might be rules. i was not suprised. it made sense that there would be.

“ok!” i said. “lights out is at ten.we do hold to that. ” she said. i could live with that. given that the perpose of this center was to recover from injuries it was resonible. 

there were few rules. the rules and procedures were prety straght froward. then she came to the one i was not expecting. 

“This is a very buisy place.  Right now we are filled to complicity.  The staff is buisy.  That is fine. We are not complaining. We are happy to help. We are buisy.  Therefore we incist that all patcients ware and use diapers! ” she said. 

I was shocked.  I was not expecting this at all. At first i was not sure i had hurd her correctly.  I soon discovered that i had heard her correctly.  The patcients were forced to ware and use diapers.  

I could not believe this. I was not thriled at this. I was horified realy.when it sunk in, i really got horified. I did not want this to happen,not at all. I could not avoid it. 

“I know this comes at a shock. All of our patcients are shocked when they hear it. It is a necessary thing. “She said. 

I had to sign in and sign sixty thousand different documents not realy that many but it felt like that. She then left. 

She told me that a nurse would be by shortly.  I was left with a few minutes to myself. I realy did not want to be diapered. I was hear. That was the rule.this place was considered one of the best.  

I laid there and pondered life. I tried to make sense of all this. It made no sense.  While i laid there a young women came in.she wore a bathrobe. She was barefoot. She was around my age. 

“Hi im annie.”she said. “What happened to you?” i asked.”i was in a car accident.  My chances of walking again is not good.  ” she told me. “I am really sory. ” i told her. “Its ok. I am ok with it. I have come to be at peace with it. ” she said.

“Are you diapered? I asked. “Yes. I am. Are you diapered? “She asked.”not yet. ” i answered.  

I asked her if i could see her my suprise she opened up her robe and her hospital gowan. Underneath was a diaper. She was very cute. She looked hot in her diaper. 

As we talked,the nurse came in.anie told me that she has glad to have met me. She told me that she would see me around. I definitely looked froward to seing more of her. I really wanted to get to know her. I wanted to see her more. 

I smiled at her. She smiled back.  The nurse opened the door. She whealed herself out of my room. The nurse closed the door.  

The nurse pulled up my hospital gowan. She puloed off my underware.  She took out a diaper. She lifted up my legs.  She puled a diaper on. She closed the straps on the diaper.

The diaper felt weird.  The diaper area felt odd. It felt cold. “I recommend you pee your diaper as soon as you can. Get use to it.”she said.

I was not sure excited to soiling my diaper.  I tried to delay it as long as i could.  My blader was really full. It got more full. I was skirming. I just needed relief.

Knowing that there was only one way to get that relief, i decided to give in. I tried to urinate in my diaper. I could not do it qt first.  I tried and tried but to no avail. 

I felt worse and worse.  Finaly the pee releases. It started off small. A litle tricle. It kept coming.a few times i thought i was done. It just kept coming.  Then it came some more.

The nurse was thriled when she checked in me. She gave me a fresh diaper.  

The actuall rehqb went well. I was slowly reganed use of my leg. I became stronger and stronger.  My lef healed quite nucely.

My blader was a different story. It becoming weaker and weaker.  I was peing in my diaper more and more. I was getting use to it.i even found it to be enjoyible.

There was part i realy did not like. That was fecally infontinent. I hated craping in my diaper. It felt smeled.the nurses changed diapers usually at scheduled times. I tried ti delay bowel movements close to changing time. That was not always possible.  

They would change a diaper early in an emergency.  They did not like that. Things got more normal.

Finaly i was discharged. I retuened to colege and work. I tried to re potty did not work. I finaly gave uo. I decided to accept my incontinence. 

This made dating difficult.  I decided to date a fellow incontinent. Annie and i had become very close. We spent a lot of time together. We dated.we got married.  

Some in my family were a bit concerned by my mariege to annie. She was perfect for me.we had a family. We lived hapily ever after. 

The end.  

Diapers at home 

A husband to be makes an unusual proposal to his would be spouse.

Brad as a kid could never get into the bathroom.  He was the only boy in a family that included five sisters.  He barely got to get ready for school in the morning. He left him a bit bitter. 

He went to college.  He loved the all boys dorm in a religious college. He found it quite a relief. He could actualy get up and get ready and have time to breath. Even though he had to content with other guys it was very double.  

It was then  he came up with the idea that his future wife would ware a diaper.  You might think this is crazy.  No women would mary aman like that. He was part of a strict faction of a strict faction. Given those circumstances it was so out of the realm of posibility.

He dated a bit but did not really connect until he met Christine. He called her chrissy. She was quet,sweet prety and smart. They started off slow . it was low key at first. They continued to see eachorther. 

What started out as informal became formal. A series of dates led to courtship. Finaly brad felt ready to purpose.  With permission from her parents he was ready to pop the question.  

He would include his caviet. He was blunt. He did not mince words. He told it like it was. Holding back was a problem he did not have.  

In the summer before his senior year ,he perposed to chrissy. It was while she was visiting him. She was so thrilled and surprised. She immediately accepted the perposal. 

“Well before we go any futher,there is a conditions i need to place . You may chose to withdraw your acceptance.  That is fine.  ” he said.

She was alarmed.  What was this condition.she doubted that it was a pre nup sense they would probably be close to the poverty side. Both were fine with that. Whet could it be? 

“Ok. What is your condition? “She asked. “I want you to ware adult diaper at all wont have acess to the toilet. The bathroom is my domain.” he told her. 

She gulped. She was shocked.  She was not expecting this. She was surprised that a sripulation existed in the first place let alone what it was.

“Ok! Let me get this straght,you want me to ware a diaper. I cant use the toilet at all?” she asked. “Yes that is true. ” he said. “Then i will probably be rendered incontinent? “She asked. 

“Yes. That will likly occur. I wont surger coat it. ” he said. ” well i gues i had better get used to diaper.”she said.he never thought she would say yes. He believe he might be doomed to being a bachelor or one day droping his stipulation. 

On her watly home she stoped at a drug store and bought pakege of diapers.  She stoped at a gass station.she had placed a diaper in her purse. She felt it. It felt squishy. She pulled down her panty and took it off. She laud down and placed the diaper on her . she closed the strap. It felt weird.

On her drive home, she had to pee. She strugled to pee her diaper. She could not bring her self to do it. She tried and tried.  Nothing hapened.

Then she had to make a suden stop at a traphic light. Urine started slow.then it led to a flood. It kept coming and did not stop. She had a ways before she made it home. She had pied a few times before she made it home.

She tried to get inside before her family noticed but that did not happen.  She put a coat around her waste. She tried to rush to her bed room to change but the family had a billion questions about her trip and the ring on her finger. She answered them.

She felt so uncomfortable.  She wanted to change. After a while she got to her bed room. She closed the door. She pulled off her skirt.she pulled the very full diaper off.she put in a shoping bag. She would have to disregard it later. When no one was around.  She put on a fresh diaper. 

She woke up to a wet diaper. Some leaked. Oh no how would she explain this to her family. She hoped to get it to the laundry room before any one noticed.  

“You have laundry already? “Her mom asked. “Yea . ” she said.her mom had a very strong suspicion that something was up. Something she desperately did not want to talk about. 

She ran to the laundry room. Her mom was watching her. “Is your blanket soiled? ” her mom asked. “Um yes. ” she answered.  “Are you ok?” she asked. “Yea. I am fine. ” she said.

Her family thought that she was going incontinent.  By the time they were maried she was diaper dependent.  He always got to use the bathroom. They lived hapily ever after.

The end.

This is a work of fiction.the author does not condone the activity described in this play.

Going diaper dependent 

The story of nicky,a young wife facing incontinence.

Nicky was a young wife and mom. She was a stay at hone mom but did some work from home.  She was for the most part very healthy. She had a problem.  

She was starting to have trouble making it to the bathroom.  It started out smal. The issue continued to get worse. It went from a slight inconvenience to an out and out nuisance. 

She tried to ignore it. She tried to deal with it. It was coming to a point where she could not deny that this was an issue. She decided to tell her doctor.  

“I am having dificulty controlling ny bladder. It is like my body is falling to send the right signal.before i know it i leak. It is smal but it stil happends. ” she told the doctor. 

Dr. Megan parnelle listened to her and her concerns.  She did some test. “It seems that you have some mild incontinence. I am not too concerned. I am going to keep an eye on it. Unfortunately there is not much i can do about it. It is not too serious. ” megen assured her. 

Nicky was woried even though her doctor told her not to. While she put her best face froward teling her husband paul about her health exam. He suspected that something was up. He decided not to press it. 

She became obsesed with it. It nade the situation worse.  Probably she could have managed it. She was going crazzy over it. She had to do something about it.

She did some research.  She looked on webmd.she also looked at orther medical sites. She looked at suport groups. She saw tha some with ths issue chose to ware a diaper. They decided to ware a diaper 24\7.

She kind liked the idea. She did not find the idea strange or gross. She did not want to be fecally incontinent but there might be ways around it. She might be able to get around that.

She knew that this was a big issue.she decided not to make it lightly. When she was fairly certain that she was going to go though with it,she decided to tell her husband paul. 

She started off by explaining the situation to her. He took it all in. He just listened. He listened to understand not to respond.  

He was a throughfull person.  He always had been. Especially around her. She loved that about him.he was always attentive to her needs. 

“So what do you want to do about it hun?”he asked. He knew her well enough to know that if she was bringing this uo,she had a suggestion for a solution.  He suspected that it was probably controversial.  It might borderline on the extreme.  A lot of  times her idea were.  He got use to it. He did love it about her. 

“Well i want to get rid of all my panties and want to ware diapers all the time now. ” he told her. ” you want to become diaper dependent? ” he asked. 

“I can’t do this! It is driving me crazy. It is definently interfering with my ability to have my desired quality of life. ” she told him. 

“Ok! ” he said. They did reserch. They deternined that they would need a diaper bag as well as onesies and plastic panties and diapers. 

They ordered diapers and related phariphalia on line.  It would take time for the packages to arive. There was a transition.  She was excited to begin this phase if her life. 

Then the pakeges arived. Paul helped her get rid of her panties.  “No going back! “He said.” i know!”she said. “Read?” he asked. “Im ready! ” she answered.

She wore a green sweter, gray skirt and was barefoot.she pulled down her pink panty to her legs.she wore her favorite panties to commemorate her last underwear that she would ever ware. She laid down. He pulled her skirt out.  He put baby powder on her vaginal area. He put the diaper on her. It felt squushy. 

They water proof the bed.she had to change some habits. She made surw she was well hydrated before bed. 

They hugged and watched tv. She did not try to urinate. She did not give it much thought. While enjoying a movie. She had leaked.nothing too bad. As they walk to bed there was a flood.

She came to love having her diaper changed by her husband. She loved having a full diaper. He pulled off the soiled diaper. He washed her off. He gave her a fresh one.

She wore a t shirt and a diaper.  She nothing on her lege but her diaper.  She woke up wet. She and paul showered.  She peed in the shower.she dried herself off in thw shower as she peed while drying off.

She became totally incontinent in a fast amount of time. There was no going back.  Shw figured that what the figure. She had accepted that. 

Her family was taken aback. At holiday function they noticed she did not use the facilities much.  They hured a noise when she waled. She explained to them the situation. 

They felt so sory for her. She did not feel that way. When life gave her lomons she made lemonade.  She enjoyed her life. Others did not understand. Her family woukd berage her with various medical abd surgical options.  She took the information. She thanked them. It was never something she would consider.  This was her life now. She waw content with that.  

The end.