Diapered men’s prison 

A man falsey convicted goes to a diaper prison.


I was falsely convicted of fraud. I waa inocent but i had no way to prove it. I was sentenced to five years in prison. I was shocked that this happened.  I hoped to avoid it but that was not goung to happen. 

I agreed to surrender on a Monday.  I was given a mounth to get ready.  I managed to get my afairs in order. I got did things i enjoyed doing the night before.  I eat pizza and watched some of my favorite tv shows. 

I slept well.i set my alarm. I got up. I got ready. I showered. I wore a green t shirt and jeens abd saddles. I knew i would have to strip and change into a prison uniform. I wanted to keep my trip to prison cloths simple as posible. 

I got cofee.eat breakfast.  I made sure i peed before i left. I took a deep breath then got into my car.  I drove to the prison. I filled out the plakered and put it on the car. 

I walked to the office. I said my name. I had to fill out several pages of paper work.i was told to take off my shoes and sign the paper work.  I was told i was now a prisonor. I was told to sit and wait.

The reading material was newsweek from 1994 health pamphlet and ligal rights ibfi. None of it wa anything i was interested in. I decided to just sit and wait. I tried not to get too nerved up. It was not working. 

 A gaurd arived. He escorted me to the inrirmery. A female nurse to get on the bed.she gave me an injection.i had no idea what it was for.

“I gave you an injection of a fluid that will make you lose blader function.you should pee and poop in your pants at any moment.” the nurse informed me 

“Oh great!”i said. Sure enough within a few seconds the but felt like it exploded in my pants. A massive amount of poop went into my underware. Thrn urine followed. I was not done. More poop and pee flowed.

I felt horrible.  I was so humiliated. I was already disliking prison. I barely got in. I was not fully complete with the intake process. I feared it was going to get worse although i hardly knew how. If anyone could make a bad day even worse,it was these people.   

I had to spend a few houers in my soiled cloths. Then the nurse rerurned. She took off my cloths.she put a hose on me. She cleaned me off. This was awful. 

She put a diaper on me. I was then put in shackles.  My handa feet and watse. I was unshackled and put in a cell with three other men. They were in diapers as well. Otherwise they were naked.  

We were not alowed to remove our own diapers or anyone else. The other inmates hugged me. They all had stufef animals.  I decided to cuddle with them.

Mt penis got big inside of my diaper. I loved the feel of my skin with the other inmates. None of us could control our bladders.  We were all gross. We could not help it. It was going to be a long five years. 

The end. 

Diapered man 

The story of jim,a sucesfull businesses man who faces incontinence.

I am jim. I am maried with two kids. I started a business. It was a lot of work but it did provide a comfortable standared of living. We had a house and two relible vehicles. Things were good. 

I was working on paper work. I did not realize it but i had pied a bit. I went to use the toliet later that day. I noticed a wet spot on my underwear.  It was a bit odd. 

I changed underwear so that no one noticed. I went home . no one not even my wife knew. I hoped that this was a one time occurrence.  

I did not have a recurrence of that event for a few weeks. I forget the whole event. 

One day i was meeting with a client. I started to pee. I tried to hide it. I was able to conceil it. I just did not stand up. I was able to keep the client from finding out.i still got the contract. 

After the new client left, i told my secteatery that i would be gone for a little bit. I went to my doctor.  I explaned the situation to him. He asked me several folowup questions.  

He ordered several test. I was negitive for any kind of cancer. They did some other checking. Aperently i had a weak bladder. 

“I dont knoe why but your blader seams to be weakoning. I dont know why. I am not sure if it will get worse. I think it could. “Dr. Fred willis said.

“What do you recommend? ” i asked. “I think you should consider warring diapers!”he said. 

I could not believe this. I prided myself on being strong. I played sports in high school.  I was known my strength. I served one term in the military.  I liked being macho.  This in my mind made me weak. I hated being seen as weak. 

 “Diapers? “I asked.  “I know this is hard to take in. This is a way to prevent embarrassing events you described. I believe if you dont you run the risk of more embarrassing weting evidence. I know you dont want that.  “He said.

After i left the doctors office i went to a store and brought a pakege of diapers.  I tried to find a line with a cashier i did not know. I found one.  I tried not to be nervous ot draw any attention to the diapers. I tried not to make a big deal of it. The cashier was prifesional. I paid then left the store. I was so happy to do so. 

After diner i told my wife amber i neded to talk to her. “Amb i have been leaking a bit. I had doc wilson check it out and i am going incontinent. He said i should ware diapers just as a precaution.  I brought a pakege. I wanted to tell you before i put some on. ” i told her.

She huged me. “Im so sorry hunnie. It will be ok. “She said.she was so sweet. She always had been. She is the kindest person i know.  I could always count on her.she held on to me. “We will get though this.” she assured me.

“I know that.  You will love me even though i will be a diaper guy?”he asked. “Of course silly. You will be my diaper guy. “She assured me.

“Look we had better get a diaper on you! “She sugested. I knew she was right. I figured we had better get it over with. I took her hand and we went to our bed room. 

She had me get on the bed. I pulled off my pants.  She took off my underwear.  She took out a diaper. It felt sqishy. I felt odd. She said i looked cute in my diaper. I was not so sure. I was glad that she thought so. She seemed ok with it.  

We got rid of all my underware . diapers were now my underware.  I had no chioce now. The doctor said that if i only used diapers i probably would be totaly diaper dependent.  Use diapers become incontinent. Dont use diapers become incontinent.  Either way i was screwed.  I seamed to have a better schot with diapers.

I hoped no one at work learned my secret.  I krinkled whenever i moved. Everyone found out. My staf was smal.they were loyal to me.they all understood.  They were kind and suportive. I treated the business like a family. They were helpful.  

I tried to only be urine incontinent.  I lost fecal control by accident. It was easier to poop my diaper. I kept using it. I was forced into fecal incontinence as well. 

My wife was so soportive.she changed my diaper.even put baby powder on me. She was so kind and emcoureging. 

I got used to being diaper dependent.  My wife decided to ware a diaper herself.  She started to become incontinent.  We loved changing eachother. We are the diaper couple.

I am no longer humiliated by my condition.  I accepted it.now i consider it a privledge to be diaper dependent.  I cant believe people chose to be potty trained. I imagine they are miserable.  Diaper dependent is the way to go.

The end. 

“Diapered sister” 

Two sisters the inherit a house from there dead beat dad with surprising results.

Becky and Katie had always been close. Becky and katie were as close as sisters could be. Becky was two years older. Becky was older and she consudered herself wiser.  Katie considered herself to be the fun one.

They never knew there birth farther. Apparenty he was a bit esentric. He started a compony that sold marbles.  He sold it to a major cooperation for a lot of mony. Apearently he and there mom had an on again off again fling. He had no intetest in having kids. There mom had no interest in being in a long term relationship with him.she liked hanging out with him but did not want to marry him. 

He knew about becky or rebecca as he caled her. There mom never told him about katie. He got diagnosed with cancer.  He reached out to the girl’s morther. He left his house to both girls. 

“Lets share the house.  We have live together in the past. What do you say?”becky asked.katie was a bit reluctant to move in with becky.becky was a bit if a prude. She always judged katie on how she used to be. She was hyper as a child.she went to a community colege. She got her belchors degre.she was fifth in her class. Becky stil saw her as immature. She feared that becky would try to run her life if she moved in.

The house was paid for. If they acepted the house they also got a stipend that would cover most of the utilities. That mony was only avalible if they acepted the house. It was under the control of a lawer fir there late feather.  If they dont take the house, that stipend disappears. 

This was a realy good deal. Despite katie’s objections she decided that this was a deal she could not pass up.  She decided to accept the offer. 

Becky moved in a week before kattie did. Katie wore a pink long sleve shirt and a denim skirt and flip flops. Becky greated her. She wore a purple blouse,gray skirt and was barefoot. Becky hugged her. “Welcome home!”becky said. “Thanks. “She said. 

“Ok i waterproofed your bed. “Becky said. “Why?” katie said.”you always had bed wetting issues. “Becka said. 

“Really beck! I have not wet the bed sense i was 12. That is really not an issue. ” becky said.

Katie started to advance futher into the house but her older sister stoped her. “Hold on!”katie said. “What?” katie said. “Shoes off in the house. Rule two. ” becky said 

Katie took off the flip flops. “Why do you get to make thr rules? We are equal owners of  the home?” Katie asked. 

“I am the older sister.  I am more responsible. ” becky said. “You more responsible? You refuse to go to sleep wuthout your powerfuf girl pillow pal. “Katie said.  “I am director of human resources at one of the bigest employers in the sate. “Becky said.  “Big whoop sis. I am a mid level manager of the second bigest enployer in the sate. “She said. 

“I am older. I am in authority. Follow me!”becky said. “Where are we going? “Katie asked. They went to a smal room. There was a changing table . “get on the table!”becky incisted. 

“What?” katie asked in an incredulous tone. “I want you to ware a diaper. I dont want you to not make it to the bathroom. “Her older sister said ” becky! Come on i am not incontinent.  I dont have trouble with not making it to the toilet on time. “Katie incisted. “Katie this place is immaculate. I want to keep it that way. “She said 

“Alright.”she said. She got on the changing table. Becky hyked up Katie’s skirt. She pulled off her panty and threw it in the trash.  She put a diaper on her. Then she pulled her skirt down. 

“I want you to use your diaper.no toilet. We are going to throw away all of your panties. “Becky said. “I dont think thats necessary. “She remarked. .

They went to the living room.becky showed her the house rules. “Wait a minute! We have to sleep in the same bed?”katie asked. ” you get nightmeres.”becky said “i have not had a nightmere in years. Your going on outdatted info beck. I put away childish things. These rules are so unfair. “Katie declared. 

“How so?” becky asked.”they are all directed at me. Why dont you have rules you have to live by?” Katie asked. “Your right i should. What rules do you want for me?”becky asked.

“If i have to ware a diaper so do you! “Katie said.”ok done! I will ware a diaper as well. “Becky said.” cool. I get to change you.”Katie said. “Fair is fair. I will agree to that. ” becky said. 

“I want to shower together. ” Katie said.becky hated being naked in front of other people. It was her worst fear. She was her sister.  “Ok.”becky said. 

After rewriting the rules.they were posted in the kitchen. Then they went to the changing room. Becky laid down. She was realy nervous. Katie pulled her sister’s skirt up.she pulled her underware off.she cut it to shreds with scissors  then tossed it in the trash.  

She put the diaper on her sister. They drank a lot of watter. They tried to see who would pee themselves first. Katie won. Becky had a fuller diaper. Becky was the first to crap in her diaper. 

They both a t shirt and diaper to bed .Katie snuggled out to her sister. Becky was not one for physical contact. She liked her space. She did find that she liked to cuddle with Katie. She felt really soft.  

The two became realy close. They showered together. Katie lovef bathing her.she spent a lot of time washing her vaginal area and tits. Becky did not like it at first but she got used to.eventually she enjoyed it.after a while she played with Katie’s boobs.

They became the best of friends. They did every thing together.  They had both become un potty traned.they were basically incontinent and diaper dependent. At this point it realy did not brother either of them. 

Becky got out if her prudish nature. They huged alot. They cudled. One day katie kissed her. She objected.  Katie recoiled.

Then a few days later Becky kissed her. They both only were wairing t shirts and bra. They striped eachother. They licked eaqch others pussey. Of course they peed all over the bed. It was watter proof.  They lived hapily ever after. 

Female nurse

A female nurse helps a patcient in more ways then one.

Keri was a nurse as a rehabilitation hospital. The center cared for those involved in debilitating acidents. This wing was not a nursing home for old people but a place to recoperate from a tragic  situation. 

Keri had a good reputation. She was known as a caring nurse. She was a floor supervisor.  She was good at what she did. Everyone knew it. 

Today a new patcient arived. It was a young lady who was injured in a car acident. She was 22 years old. She was paralyzed from the wrekege. 

Annie Jacobson was transported from the hospital to the rehab by ambulance.  She was brought by strecher to her room. 

Keri looked over her chart. She had a idenic memory.  She knew everything there was to know about her. Well as long as it was in her chart. She quickly momorized her information. She went over to her new patcient. 

She was in a hospital gowan. “Hello annie im keri your nerse.”she smiled at her. Annie felt disarmed by her congeniality.  “Hi !”her patcient said.

“How was the drive?”keri asked. “A bit bumpy but alright. “Annie said. “Some drivers are better then others. “Keri admited. 

“Your very pretty. “Annie said.keri smilled. “Thabk you. Your very atractive yourself. “Keri said. “Thank you. I dont feel very atractive.”annie said. “Paralized girls can be sexy too. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise. ” keri instructed her. “Ok. “Annie reaplied. 

“Did you have a diaper change before you left?”keri asked. “Yes i did. I am prety sure i wet myself a few times. “She said in a sad tone. Keri put her hand on her shoulder.  “Its ok hunnie. You have to expect that. “Keri told her. 

She pulled up her hospital gowan.she felt the deaper. It was quite full. She undid the straps. She pulled off the extremly soiled diaper. She threw the diaper away. 

“My diaper was really full wasn’t it”Annie asked. “This is how you use the bathroom now. Its what we want you to do. You need to use the diaper.  ” she assured her. 

She cleaned her vagional area. Annie’s niples got hard. She felt a but horny. She was not a lesbien but she found herself terned on by her being changed.

Keri was also being turned on. She completed the cleaning. She gave her a fresh diaper. “There you go hunnie. All set. “Keri said. “Thank you. “She said. “Your quite welcome! ” keri said.

“Can you braid my hair?”annie asked. Keri pulled her hair back.she braided her hair into a pony tail. She looked in a mirror. Keri was quite happy. 

Keri checked on her patcient thoughout the day. Annie realy liked her. She was kind and considerate. She was thoughfull. Annie made her feal better about her situation.  As better as she could given her condition. 

Keri came in. “My shift is almost over. I wanted to say goodnight. “Keri said. “Thank you for all you have done today. You have been so sweet. “She said. “I want to help. I know this is a realy hard time. I want to help in any way i can. “Keri assured her. 

Out of all the nurses,keri was her very favorate. They were wll good.keri was different. She was so kind so atentive. She was so happy when she was on. She huged her some days. Keri seemed to love it.she even started hugs. 

Annie one day was crying. Keri huged and held on. “I am never going to walk again am i?i am going to be an invilid all my life?”annie said. “You probably wont walk. Your life is not over. Dont give it ok!”keri said.”it hard not to ” annie said. “Your going to make it. Life is not going to get the best of you. “Keri assured her. “I hope your right. ” she said. 

Keri held her. Keri refused to let go.annie did not want her to. No matter how down she got,keri was always there to help her. 

“You know its not fair. Kare!”annie said. “Whats not fair?”keri asked.”you get to strip me bathe me touch my privates see me naked yet i dont get that same privledge. Seams to me you get the better part of all this! “Annie said.

Keri blushed a bit. “Do you want to see me naked?” keri asked. “Yes i do.” annie answered. “I cant totaly strip. I wikl flash you. “Keri said.she pulled up her nurses scrub so she could see her bra. Anie took her finger inside her bra and played with her boobs. She pulled it down.

Keri sometimes masterbated to annie. She would love to do that for real for her. It was against the rules of course. 

After a while annie was discharged and went home. Keri came to visit “came to check up on me? I did not know you did house calls?” anniw said. “I did not come hear on bussiness!”keri said “why did you come?”she asked.

Keri picked her up from the wheal chair. She placed her on the bed. Keri got on top.they kissed. Keri pulled off anie’s t shirt. Annie pulled off keri blue scrub top.keri took off anie’s swet pants. Annie pulled off keri’s scrub pants.

Keri pullef off anie’s bra. Annie pulled off her. They puled off eachother’s panties. Keri kissed her niples.anie loved it. Anie went for kkeri’s niples. Keri licked her pussey.then anie went for hers. They cuddled after.

Eventually keri moved in. She was her nurse with benefits. 

The end. 

The nurse

A female patcient at a rehab hospital meets a male nurse.

Nicky was the injured in a car accident. She had been paralized.after a time in the hospital,she was sent to a rehab hospital.  

She was sleaping in her bed. The bed was comfoerible.the female night nurse made sure that she had enough blankets. 

She was groggy. She thought she heard the door opened.she briefly opened her eyes.then she reclosed her eyes.

“Hi good morning nicky. I am Brandon i am your nurse today.”he said. She was a bit taken aback. Sence she arived,all of the nurses had been female. This was the first male nurse she had encounteted. 

“Good morning! “She said.  “Hi there. Well i hate to rouse you out of bed. I do need to get you up and ready.”he said. “I an prety comfortable but thats fine.rouse away.”she told him. 

He laughed. “Your probably starting to get used to the routine. “He remarked.  “More then i want to .”she said. “I can understand that.” he said.  

He gently removed her blankets. She was waring a hospital gowan.she was barefoot. She was a bit cold. He pulled up her hoapital gowan. She felt weird about having a male stranger disrobe her and bathe her. She did not really have a say in all this. She went with it. 

Her diaper was now prominent.she felt emberissed. The car accident and her breef coma had left her bladder and bowel incontinent.  She had to be in a diaper. 

He felt the diaper.  The diaper waa very full. “It seems youe bladder was prety buisy last night.”he said “it usualy is. I almost always wake up very wet. “She said. 

He unfastened her diaper. He pulled it off. He took out a wet wipes and cleaned her off. He took a sponge and cleaned her rectal area and vaginal area. She felt a bit humiliated. It waa weird having a man inhis twenties washing her private area. He was cute. This was really awkward. She knew that this was his job. He was very gentle. 

He gently put baby powder on her bum. He put on a fresh diaper. He closed the straps. It was not so bad she thought. He washed her feet and legs. She suspected that he might have a bit of a foot fetish. He spent a lot of time cleaning it. 

He cleaned her belly.  He was very thorough with her brest as well. Her niples were quite stimulated. She was offended at first. She decided that she kinda liked it. It kind of turned her on. She would never admit it. 

He washed her hair. Then he dressed her in blue medical scrubs and flip flops. He striped her bed and an orderly came in and changed her bedding.  

While nurse brandon whealed her into the dining room. He left her with other patients.  She was buisy with physical pheriphy and counseling and other actuvities.

She found she tired that easily. She was so happy that after dinner she could return to her room. Brandon whealed her back to her room.  He picked her up and put her in her bed. 

He checked her diaper. “Its time for a change!”he said.”no ofense but your humor needs work.”she said “i get that alot.i gues my future as a comedian is im serious doubt. “He said. “I would say so.”she said. He chuckkee.

He pulled off her pants. He pulled off her diaper.  She had peed and pooped. He cleaned her off.he gave her a fresh one. He took off the changing pad. “Do you want your pants back on?”he asked. 

“No not really.  I would to go pantsless. “She said.”thats fine. “He said he made sure she had enough blankets. 

She was not keen on a male nurse at first.  She got ussed to him. He did a good job. 

“It almost time for me to go. Do you want one last diaper change? “He asked. She smiled and said yes. He changed her. She hugged him before he left. 

They had become friends . She liked when he was on. After a while she was discharged.  She stayed with her sister.  Brandon continued to correspond with her. 

They started to date. They ended up getting maried. They had children. They lived hapily ever after. 

The end.

This is fantasy. I got a lot wrong with medical pricedures. 

Solitary confinement 

An hournor student runs into trouble in his senior year at colege. He ends up in the colege prison.

Crag was an hourner student at the university of grandee.  He was mostlikly going to be valedictorian or sulitorien. He was considered an up and commer into society. It was believed that he would be a mover and a shaker. 

The university was very strict. It had verious rules and punishments. Craig had never gotten censured.  He had had zero demerets. He obeyed the rules. He tried to pressure orthers to do the same. 

To all things there is an end. That was certainty the case hear. He had been single throughout his acedemic years.  This year he had a girlfriend. He had let things go. He acidently let things slip.  

He over slept.  He was late for class.he failed room checks. He racked up demerits.

The disciplinary council made up of faculty and students put him and his girlfriend on trial. ” craig brogen this council has vioted to sentence you to spend the weekend in solitary confinement.  Sentence to begin at 1300 on friday and wil end at o700 on monday morning.  ” the chairman of the council a senior student anounced. 

“Victoria burrel you are also sentenced to solitary confinement. Sentence to begin at 1300 on friday.” the chairman said. Then they moved to the next case. 

On friday, he went from the dining room to his dorn room. He changed from class room clothing to a t shirt and jeens and sandles. He did not ware a lot. He would Not need it in confinement. He took a deep breath and headed for the lock up. 

Victoria changed from her clasroom cloths to a swetshirt and pj botoms and flip flops. She like craig had never been to solitary.  

They joined other inmates. Many were rasitivist. Those two were the only rookies to report to confinement that day. They had to present the paper work to the gaurd.

“Well well how the nighty have fallen.we dont get many student body president and student body secretary.  “The gaurd said. They were told to remove there shoes and folow them to the cells.they were to wait outside the cells. 

The captain of the gaurds and the gaurds arived at the cell block. “From now until Monday morning you are not students.  You are prisoners. You have no rights,no privileges.  Please strip naked.”he ordered.

Craig took off his shirt. He pulled down his pants. After that he pulled it off. He then removed his underware. He had a fear of being exposed. 

He saw his girlfriend striping. She removed her swet shirt .she pulled down her pj bottoms.she removed her bra.then she pulled off her panties. He realized he had never seen her naked before this.

In the bloc was four males and four femalea not including craig and Victoria.  

“As you can see there are no toilets.you will ware diapers abd you will use them.i hope you did not have a bih meal. Your diapers will be changed once a day. Use it sparingly! “He said in a sarcastic tone. He and the gaurds laughed.

The inmates had to get on the cold concrete floor. It was cold on the naked skin. The gaurds put the diapers on the inmates. The inmates got inside.

The inmates were naked except for the diapers.the cells were small cubicles with bars.  A cell had a male and a female next to it. The door closed.

“I never fought i would see you two hear?”jeny said. “I wanted to ecperience every facet of acedemic life. “Craig declared.they laughed.”want to live like the rest of us?”becky asked.

“I never ment to be a king or noble. I was a no body before i came hear.”craig said. “I grew up living in my dads car. I dont want to hear it.”jenny said. 

Craig waw humiliated.he was half naked. He tried not to pee. He felt so awfull.he paced around his cell.”dont fight it! Let it go. You cant fight it foever. “Becky said.

He finaly let it go. He pied a little bit.he thought to himself, this is not so bad. He thought he was done.then it came and came. Urine filled. He stil had several houers before the diaper change. 

“Have you soiled yourself yet?” craig asked vicki. “I just did.” she said. “Peing yourself is so hot!”jeny said.  Craig was not so sure. He juat wanted this to be over.he thought a weekend. Two days and several hours i can do this. Now he only been there for a couple of houers but it felt like twenty years. 

Diaper change was right before bed.the male gaurds changed the diapers. They were not gentike at all. They pur baby powder on the prisoners.  The door were closed.

There was no bed. They skept on the concrete floor. It was cold and drafty. There was no blankets. 

The weekend was long and  boring. It was not too bad. He got to see hiw girlfriend’s boobs and boobs of the other fenale inmates.  He got to relax.

He did poop. It was horrible.  He had several houers before the chqnge.he felt totaly humiliated. The other inmates had similer isues. Aparently the gaurds put exlex in the food.  

Craig lost total teack of time.he had bo watch or any clock.he was basicaly relying on the gaurds.he thought that it was sunday night.he was not totaly sure. 

He woke up the next morning. The gaurds cleaned them up. They got to use the showers in the outake area. Then they got dresed and were officialy relased.

 “I know it was punishment but that was anazing. That has to be one of the best weekends i have had in a while! “Tori said. “I know what you meen. That was awsome. I never want to admit that to anyone beaides you but yes. “He said. “I am so horny right now! “She said. “I am too.we cant be late for class. We just got out of the slamer lets not get back in”he said.

At class he was able to focus. He had wet himself .he tried to. Avoid people. After clasd he went back to his room and changed.one of the nurses said that it was comon for those in solitary to have this issue. 

He rerurned to his old self. The rest of the yeat the two avoided any more disciplinary isues.he graduated at thr top of his class. He did strugle with continence isues. That is another story. 

The end . 

Diapered college 

A colege student is shocked to learn he has to be diapered at school.

I arived on campus.  The government mandated affordable education.  These schools were known for being strict. A lot of people went on to having good jobs. I went over to the registration table.”name please?”the girl at the table asked.

“Dale brison. “I answered. She looked over the list. “Hear you are. Hear is your welcome packet and complimentary diaper bag. “She said.i took it. A girl came over to me.”hi im katie. I am your roommate. “She said. She wore a white t shirt jeens and sandles. 

“This is a co ed dorm. “I asked.”yes it is.”she answered. “I thought this was a strict school?”i asked. “It can be. There are rules and privileges. It is a bit of a trade off i gues. “She said. 

We walked into the dorm. I saw a young women with a green shirt and diaper. “Im andrea.i am your r.a. “she said.  I knew that some adults strugled with incontinence. Some would chose to ware diapers. I was suprised that she would ware it in public.especially sense she was a dorm supervisor. 

If i thought things were weird before,they were about to get weirder. Katie pulled down her jeens.she then took them off. She had on a diaper.  “You are probably a bit confused.  “Andrea said.”indeed i am”i said in a tapid tone. Not only was i confused, i was a little nervous.  

“This colege has no bathrooms avalible to students. All students ate required to be diapered. We are diapered 24-7. Only nurses and staff members can remove and change diapers. We sleep in cribs. We have pacifiers. Sexual intercourse is off limits. You can have diaper sex. Diaper sex is the best. You are alowed to be undress and undress orthers. We can hug kiss and suck on brest. Realy only the vagional or pennel area is off limits. “Andrea said. 

“If we pee or poop our diapers,for two years straght,dont we risk becoming perminently incontinent?”i asked. “We all will probably become perminently imcontinent. Most college kids act like babies. Now we can. “Andrea said. 

“You really need to get diapered. “Katie said. I took off my pants.  I took off my underware. They took the diaper and put it over my bum.i felt really weird. Andrea closed the straps. 

“What happens if i am not diapered? “I asked. “If your caught not in a diaper,you will be punished.punishment include spanking,canning,solitary confinement even expulsion.  “Katie said. “Just dont it. Diapers are so comfortable.  Learn to love them we do.”andrea said.  

I could never even get used to wearing diapera let alone enjoying them. This was humiliating.  This was wrong. I hated it. 

“I sugest drinking a lot of watter. You will want to pee your pants as soon as you can. You will want to eat lots of fruits.  You will poop your diapers soon. You want to start to unpotty yourself.  “Katie said.

“Your really into this? “I asked. “It is really comforting.  We live it.”andrea said. “I know you will come around.” andrea said. 

The girl told me i should go to lunch pantless. No way. I put on my pants the girls went down to the dining hall in juat t shirts. I was suprised.i asked them why they did not pants.they said it was comfortible. 

Staf members made me show my diaper. This was not what i ecpected.not at all. This was not what i wanted. The food was mushy. It seemed designed to soften stool. We drank mulk from baby botles. I thought we were being traned for adulthood.  I was really wondering. This was really really odd. I had a feeling i had not seen anything yet.

Some of the students were in pjs.some half naked.some naked except for a diaper. It was sureel.

The deens offered to brest feed.katie and andrea went over. I watched them suckle the brest of the female deens. I decided to go in line.

I could not beleve this. It was my turn.i got on miss amy’s lap. I started to suck on her tits.after i got over the humiliation.i felt prety good.  It was kinda comforting. I kinda liked all this. Even though i was really weirded out by it at the same time. 

I had peed my diaper several times before my diaper change. I tried tovat first but it could not happen.finaly it flooded out and flooded out so more. 

Katie’s diaper was quite full as well.it was evident. She took my hand and we walked back to the dorm.

The campus nerses started diaper changes. I was so happy to have a diaper change.  My time came. The diaper was imidiately removed. My but was clened. Rash cream was put on me. A new diaper was put on me.

I put on a sleeper pj. “Hey dale.want to sleep with me?”she asked. “We can sleep in the same crib?”i asked.”of course we can. “She said.

We got into a crib. We cuddled.a blanket was put on us. The crib was sicured so we would not fall out. 

I slept really well that day. You coukd say that i slept like a baby. My diaper was quite full. I got a diaper change. This was not at all what i expected. 

I came to like waring a diaper. I was able to focus on studies. I was becoming more and more incontinent. I did not mind. I cane to enjoy it. 

The end.