“Laugh and pee” 

A women pees after she laughs.


Nicola or nicky, as she was called ,was known as a bubbly person.  Her laugh was famous and infecticuous. Once she got going,  it was very dificult for her to stop. 

She was usualy very qiet and reserve.when she got lauthing,all bets were off. She was fun to be around. She was well liked. 

She had been maried for a couple of years. She had a son and a daughter. She had always been very healthy. She had minnor aliments but nothing too serious. 

Her husband owned his own bussiness. He was a hard worker and a good provider. They had a very close relationship. He adored her and she adored him. They were very playfull with each other. They loved to tease eachother.  They routinly played off eachother. 

One day he told a joke.  It sent her into orbit. He who was usualy stoic even taciturn but not around her. All of a suden,she realized that she had peed herself.

It was just a little bit of urine but it was enough for her to notice. She tried to make a big deal of it. She realy did not want to put a damper of what was a realy meaningful bounding moment with her husbend.

She figured it was no big deal. She did not mention it to Keith. She forgot about it. She had moved passed it.then it happened again. 

One day while a close friend was visiting, she started to laugh. She peed. This time a lot more came out. She was realy nervous. Her friend never figured out what had happened.  Much to her relief.  

It started off as a rare one time occurrence.  Then it started to happen more and more. She continued to try to ignore it. After a time ,it came to a point that she could not avoid it. 

She refused to accept this at first.  She finaly decided that she had to do something about it. Ar first she tried not to laugh. She avoided talking about anything that might lead to joviality.  

Her friends noticed a change in her. It was not just that she stopped joaking around. There was much more to it. Some feared that she might be sliping into some kind of dipresson. 

Her husbend was also starting to suspect something was up. He was not sure how to go about it. He decided he could no longer leave it alone. 

“Hunnie, it seams like you have been down lately. Are you ok?” he asked. “Um. I think i might have a problem? “She said in response.  ” what is it hun?” he asked. “Lately when i laugh i pee a little bit. It started off little but then it become more and more noticible. ” she said.

He held her. She cried on his shoulder. He sugested she go to the doctor.  He took the day off and went with her. They did multiple tests. 

“Nicky. I believe it is a kind of stress incontinence. It could be from giving birth twice or other factors.  We believe this has gotten worse. It may continue to i am affaid. ” the doctor said. 

She was devisated. “I am incontinent?”she asked. “I am afraid so. I believe it will continue to get worse. you should consider wearing adult diapers . ” the doctor said. 

She did not want to wear diapers. She had not had any isues prior to this sense being potty trained.  She knew that she really did not have a choice.

They left the doctor’s office. He gave her a great big hug. They went to the car. “Lets go pick up some diapers!” she suggested. He agreed to it. 

They drove to a drug store. “Adult diapers?” the clerk asked. “There for me. I am going imcontinent. ” she sais. The 18 year old clerk was suprised. 

They went home.  She kicked off her flip flops.  He spread out a mat. She laid down. He removed her skirt. He pulled down her panties. Then he took them off. 

He took out the diaper. He put it on her. He out baby powder. He then closed yhe straps. She felt weird. She did not like it at first. 

She put the skirt on. After the kids were put to bed. They cudled in the bed room while watching a movie. She liked that she could laugh again. She did pee. She could function.

People noticed that she was back to being her. She waa happy again. By wearing diapers, her bladder did get weaker. It was making her more incontinent.  Either way it was happening.  Why prolong the inevitable? 

They threw away all of her panties. She only used diapers. She came to love wearing diapers. Her husbend thought she was hot diapered.  She did not get it but that was ok. She fully embraced who she was now. 

The end. 

Nursing facility

In a fantasy world where productivity is respected above all else, an injured man finds himself in a nursing home.

I an rease paulson. I graduted from a prestigious university located near our nation’s capital. I started my own bussiness. I made it into a huge mony maker and then sold it to a multi milon doller mega corporation.  I got put on the bored of directors on the new parent compony. 

I was wealthy now. I had influential.  I had everything i wanted. I was considering getting into politics. One day ,my car was hit by a another car. The orther driver was drunk. 

I got traped in thr car. I had to rescured by the jaws of life.  I was rushed to the hospital. I ended up in a coma. I was paralyzed from the neck down. There was little chances that i would ever walk again.  

I had spent time in a hospital. After a while i was transfered to an managed care facility. I had no memory of any of it sense i was comatose. 

I woke up feeling immobilized. At first i suspected that i was in restraints. I was not. I could not move. I had no idea why. It took me a couple to remember the car crash. Then i remembered.

I looked at me. I was in a bed. I was naked except for a diaper. The diaper was extremly full. I was in a waterproof mattress.   I could see urine had driped out. I felt very uncomfortable.  

I looked around the room. I saw bed after beds. It looked like an old fashioned orphanage.  I saw male and female patients.  They were all naked except for diapers. They were all very soiled.  The female patcients had there boobs exposed. 

“Your awake? ” a female patient nammed annie remarked. “Yes where am i?” i asked. “Lakewood rehabilitation care center or as we pefer the dungeon.  ” she said.  

I had heard the stories about these asisted living and rehabilitation center. I knew about these heror stories. Unfortunately like most i turned a blind eye. I did not want to know.  Few people did. 

In my country we never lost what in new England was refered to as the protestant work ethnic. We took pride in work.  Work became almost a religion.  Everyone worked. It was shameful to not work. 

In my country welfare is unheared of. There are no social safty network. Not even social secuity or social insurance.  You work or your screwed. There are prarically no exceptions . that was just how it was. 

It was the duty of a citizen to work. Not working was unacceptable . there were no exceptions.  While in the united sates even the most stunch conservative would have compassion on those who are truely destitute. Those who had limbs amputated etc. Not so hear. They do not have any compassion.  You work or your thown to the wolves. That is how it was. 

Nursing facilities excist but they provide the most basic of care. What they consider basic. Those in america would be apalled. This treatment is reserve for prison medical wards or hospitals that would be shut down by various federal and sate agentcies.  This was common hear. This was considered common and acceptable.  

Thus men and woman who for many years have been productive members of society and the workforce though no fault of there own find themselves half naked in a soiled diaper. They are without any privacy.  

“A managed care facility. How long have i beem hear?” i asked. ” five mounths. ” she answered.  “How often are our diapers changed? “I asked. “Two times a day.  “She said.

“Are you paralized?” i asked. ” yea. I was injured in the breketvile train crash .i was one of the more lucky ones. “Annie said. “I remember when it happened.  Im sorry.  I answered. “Its ok. “She said. 

“Are you staring at my tits?”she asked.  I was embarrassed.  I finaly admited that i was. ” its ok.you are free to stare. ” annie said.”we dont mind. Besides we liked being atractive” another patcient Jesse said. 

I was in a room with multiple naked girls. In another time and place i would be in heaven.  Hear not so much. 

I was so uncomfortable.  My diaper was extremly full. The nurse pulled it off. The diaper weighed a lot. The nurse aplied baby powder and ga e me a fresh one. I felt. So much better. The staff bearly talked to us. To them we were indigent. We are unproductive.  A waste of resources.  I watched annie,Jesse and other girls get changed. It was great. For a few seconds i did not mind being a patcient.  I knew that would change.

It was not easy being hear. Most of the time we were in bed. We were ignored. We were dispised. Yet we did nothing. It was not our fault that we were injured. None of us asked for this. We would work if we could.  We were punished for what happened to us.it was hard not to resent it. 

I did enjoy talking to yhe fellow patcients. They were all nice. I especially liked talking to annie. She was sweet. She was very easy to talk to.this was our life. 

I got to a point where i could go home. My sister agreed to take me in. I was grateful to her. I did not want to leave the others.  I did. I was there for almost a year. 

I worked to get stronger. I was able to start my own business.  I got maried to annie. I started my own hospital.  It was far more humane.  While manny called a breading heart liberal. I did not see it that way.

I never tried to regain my continence.  I liked being in a diaper.so did annie.we are a diaper family. Our children are potty traned but we are not.  We are happy with that.

The end. 

“The toxin”

A toxin that induces incontinence is ushered in a cafae.

During the cold war, a russan scientist came up with the idea of creating a toxin that made the blader colapse and transformed victims into incontinent. The scientist made a successful vile of the toxin. The soviet union leadership thought it was absurd. The project was discontinued. 

Apparently the vile fell into the hands of an international criminal orginization. A criminal group that brought the vile decided to use it. 

Annie, becky and katie were hanging out at a cofee shop. Katie wore a green top and gray skirt and sandles. Becky wore a pink t shirt jeens and flip floos. Annie wore a pink dress and dress shoes. They were having fun mostly shoting the breze. 

At another table david was a bussinesman who was siping cofee.david was eating a muffin. He wore a dress shirt dress pants and a tie. 

No one in the cafae suspected that they were about to fall victim to a bio toxen. The criminal were careful not to be detected. A vile was placed into the cofee maker. One of the workers was a sleaper agent. Th. Agent had worked for the cafae for over a year. The ploters were ready.  Becky was feeling weird. She thought she mayby had the flu or something.  

All of a suden she felt her blader give way. Sudently pee and poop exploded in her jeens. Her jeens were clearly stained and soiled. Her friends were embarrassed for her. 

Then annie and katie fell victom to the toxin. The pee and poop exploded into there underware. Poop and  pee ren down there legs and down to there bare feet. 

David was focusing on reading a newspaper. Ge felt odd. Then he peed and poop.  The urine and crap went everywhere. 

Almost all of the patrones of the outside cafae had fallen victom to the toxin. The police and paramedic were called to the site. The police sealed off the area. Paramedics moved in right away. 

The patcients were examined on sight. They were found to be able to be moved. They were put on gurneys and transported to the hospital. 

Becky was cleaned off and bathed. She was put in a hospital gowan and a diaper Test were done on her. 

 “Well you were subjected to a bio toxin that caused your blader and bowels to release its contents. The good news is that overall it has done no long term harm. “The doctor said.

“What does overall meen?” becky asked. “Well. You will be incontinent for the rest of your life .it wont efect your ability to reproduce. I recommend you ware thick diapers. I am so sory. “The doctor said. 

She was devisated. She hated the thought of being incontinent or forced to ware diapers.  “I can live a normal life?”she asked. “I dont see why not.  “The doctor said. 

Annie was covered in poop and pee.her cloths were renoved. She was hosed off. Then she was cleaned. Then she was put in a hospital gowan. She was diapered. 

She screamed and cried. She did not want to be diapered. At least she was alive at least. She was glad of that. She felt like she was going to be an invilid. She was sad and disilisoned. She was sad. 

Katie was much in the same sate as becky and annie she handled it in a stoic response. She was neither sad or histerical. She was resolute. 

David worked to develop his reputation. He was a bit of an awkward kud. He went from beibg nerdy to a bit of a bully.he served inthe military then started his own bussiness. He went to college andgraduated third in his class. The bussiness was a leader in several sates.  He was an up and commer. The sky was the limit. Now that had all changed. He was covered in poop. 

He was cleaned off. He was cleen but he did not feel cleen.the memory of the poop was very much fresh in his mind. It would be for a long time he feared.

He hated hearing that he would be incontinent for life. That was even worse. His life had just changed foever. He would never really get it back. Not like it was. How could he taken seriously as a ceo of a cooperate enpire? 

While at the hospital there diapers were changed.they peed and poop alot. It was nit fun. After a couple of days they were released from the hospital.

They were able to resume there lives almost immediately.  Except for the incontinence they were not limited by what they could do. They were determined to keep exceling.they would not let the criminals win. 

Those behind thr attack were eventually identified and were captured or killed. 

They did resume there lives.david did excell in his compony. The compony exoended. David and becky dated and got maried and had kids. Annie did marry her boyfriend. They had kids.

Despite her condition,katie met a man on a dating site. They maried and had kids. It was a tough life but they made it work.the criminal would not win. They did not.

The end. 

The nurse

A female patcient at a rehab hospital meets a male nurse.

Nicky was the injured in a car accident. She had been paralized.after a time in the hospital,she was sent to a rehab hospital.  

She was sleaping in her bed. The bed was comfoerible.the female night nurse made sure that she had enough blankets. 

She was groggy. She thought she heard the door opened.she briefly opened her eyes.then she reclosed her eyes.

“Hi good morning nicky. I am Brandon i am your nurse today.”he said. She was a bit taken aback. Sence she arived,all of the nurses had been female. This was the first male nurse she had encounteted. 

“Good morning! “She said.  “Hi there. Well i hate to rouse you out of bed. I do need to get you up and ready.”he said. “I an prety comfortable but thats fine.rouse away.”she told him. 

He laughed. “Your probably starting to get used to the routine. “He remarked.  “More then i want to .”she said. “I can understand that.” he said.  

He gently removed her blankets. She was waring a hospital gowan.she was barefoot. She was a bit cold. He pulled up her hoapital gowan. She felt weird about having a male stranger disrobe her and bathe her. She did not really have a say in all this. She went with it. 

Her diaper was now prominent.she felt emberissed. The car accident and her breef coma had left her bladder and bowel incontinent.  She had to be in a diaper. 

He felt the diaper.  The diaper waa very full. “It seems youe bladder was prety buisy last night.”he said “it usualy is. I almost always wake up very wet. “She said. 

He unfastened her diaper. He pulled it off. He took out a wet wipes and cleaned her off. He took a sponge and cleaned her rectal area and vaginal area. She felt a bit humiliated. It waa weird having a man inhis twenties washing her private area. He was cute. This was really awkward. She knew that this was his job. He was very gentle. 

He gently put baby powder on her bum. He put on a fresh diaper. He closed the straps. It was not so bad she thought. He washed her feet and legs. She suspected that he might have a bit of a foot fetish. He spent a lot of time cleaning it. 

He cleaned her belly.  He was very thorough with her brest as well. Her niples were quite stimulated. She was offended at first. She decided that she kinda liked it. It kind of turned her on. She would never admit it. 

He washed her hair. Then he dressed her in blue medical scrubs and flip flops. He striped her bed and an orderly came in and changed her bedding.  

While nurse brandon whealed her into the dining room. He left her with other patients.  She was buisy with physical pheriphy and counseling and other actuvities.

She found she tired that easily. She was so happy that after dinner she could return to her room. Brandon whealed her back to her room.  He picked her up and put her in her bed. 

He checked her diaper. “Its time for a change!”he said.”no ofense but your humor needs work.”she said “i get that alot.i gues my future as a comedian is im serious doubt. “He said. “I would say so.”she said. He chuckkee.

He pulled off her pants. He pulled off her diaper.  She had peed and pooped. He cleaned her off.he gave her a fresh one. He took off the changing pad. “Do you want your pants back on?”he asked. 

“No not really.  I would to go pantsless. “She said.”thats fine. “He said he made sure she had enough blankets. 

She was not keen on a male nurse at first.  She got ussed to him. He did a good job. 

“It almost time for me to go. Do you want one last diaper change? “He asked. She smiled and said yes. He changed her. She hugged him before he left. 

They had become friends . She liked when he was on. After a while she was discharged.  She stayed with her sister.  Brandon continued to correspond with her. 

They started to date. They ended up getting maried. They had children. They lived hapily ever after. 

The end.

This is fantasy. I got a lot wrong with medical pricedures. 


A ski acident leaves a man with a brokon leg. A trip to a rehab hospital results in incontinence.

Im erick. I am 22 years old.  I am in college.  I love to ski. I have been known to take risks.  Probably more risk then i probably should.  I am not rackless but could stand to being a litle more  carefull. 

While skiying over winter vacation,  i injured my leg. It was broken. I was told i was goung to be laid up for a while.  That was definitely not what i wanted to hear. Not at all. 

The doctor recomended i go to a rehab hispital. I was not down for that. I thought that this was a terible idea. I was totaly against it. I was not going it. The hospital staff was determined to convince me to go there. After a series of discussion i finaly relented .” 

How bad could it be i thought. I was transported there by ambulence. I gues it was standered pricedure. It seemed to be overkill but oh well. 

It was about an houers drive from the hospital to the rehab center. It seemed like an eternity.  I dosed in and out of sleep on the trip up. I could not realy sleep. Being in the strecher in an ambulence was not realy condusive to restful sleep. 

I saw the rehab center as the ambulence pulled in. From the outside it looked nice enough. It pulled in to a designated parking area. I was whealed out.i was brought inside. 

I waa brought to my room. I was greated by dr. Valerie rowe Dawson. Dr. Dawson was the facility administrator. She allowed patcients to refer to her as valerie. She seemed very plesent.

“Hi im valerie. I run this facility.  “she told her. ” it is good to meet you.”i told her. “we have a few rules i need to discus with you ” she said.i had considered that there might be rules. i was not suprised. it made sense that there would be.

“ok!” i said. “lights out is at ten.we do hold to that. ” she said. i could live with that. given that the perpose of this center was to recover from injuries it was resonible. 

there were few rules. the rules and procedures were prety straght froward. then she came to the one i was not expecting. 

“This is a very buisy place.  Right now we are filled to complicity.  The staff is buisy.  That is fine. We are not complaining. We are happy to help. We are buisy.  Therefore we incist that all patcients ware and use diapers! ” she said. 

I was shocked.  I was not expecting this at all. At first i was not sure i had hurd her correctly.  I soon discovered that i had heard her correctly.  The patcients were forced to ware and use diapers.  

I could not believe this. I was not thriled at this. I was horified realy.when it sunk in, i really got horified. I did not want this to happen,not at all. I could not avoid it. 

“I know this comes at a shock. All of our patcients are shocked when they hear it. It is a necessary thing. “She said. 

I had to sign in and sign sixty thousand different documents not realy that many but it felt like that. She then left. 

She told me that a nurse would be by shortly.  I was left with a few minutes to myself. I realy did not want to be diapered. I was hear. That was the rule.this place was considered one of the best.  

I laid there and pondered life. I tried to make sense of all this. It made no sense.  While i laid there a young women came in.she wore a bathrobe. She was barefoot. She was around my age. 

“Hi im annie.”she said. “What happened to you?” i asked.”i was in a car accident.  My chances of walking again is not good.  ” she told me. “I am really sory. ” i told her. “Its ok. I am ok with it. I have come to be at peace with it. ” she said.

“Are you diapered? I asked. “Yes. I am. Are you diapered? “She asked.”not yet. ” i answered.  

I asked her if i could see her diaper.to my suprise she opened up her robe and her hospital gowan. Underneath was a diaper. She was very cute. She looked hot in her diaper. 

As we talked,the nurse came in.anie told me that she has glad to have met me. She told me that she would see me around. I definitely looked froward to seing more of her. I really wanted to get to know her. I wanted to see her more. 

I smiled at her. She smiled back.  The nurse opened the door. She whealed herself out of my room. The nurse closed the door.  

The nurse pulled up my hospital gowan. She puloed off my underware.  She took out a diaper. She lifted up my legs.  She puled a diaper on. She closed the straps on the diaper.

The diaper felt weird.  The diaper area felt odd. It felt cold. “I recommend you pee your diaper as soon as you can. Get use to it.”she said.

I was not sure excited to soiling my diaper.  I tried to delay it as long as i could.  My blader was really full. It got more full. I was skirming. I just needed relief.

Knowing that there was only one way to get that relief, i decided to give in. I tried to urinate in my diaper. I could not do it qt first.  I tried and tried but to no avail. 

I felt worse and worse.  Finaly the pee releases. It started off small. A litle tricle. It kept coming.a few times i thought i was done. It just kept coming.  Then it came some more.

The nurse was thriled when she checked in me. She gave me a fresh diaper.  

The actuall rehqb went well. I was slowly reganed use of my leg. I became stronger and stronger.  My lef healed quite nucely.

My blader was a different story. It becoming weaker and weaker.  I was peing in my diaper more and more. I was getting use to it.i even found it to be enjoyible.

There was part i realy did not like. That was fecally infontinent. I hated craping in my diaper. It felt weird.it smeled.the nurses changed diapers usually at scheduled times. I tried ti delay bowel movements close to changing time. That was not always possible.  

They would change a diaper early in an emergency.  They did not like that. Things got more normal.

Finaly i was discharged. I retuened to colege and work. I tried to re potty train.it did not work. I finaly gave uo. I decided to accept my incontinence. 

This made dating difficult.  I decided to date a fellow incontinent. Annie and i had become very close. We spent a lot of time together. We dated.we got married.  

Some in my family were a bit concerned by my mariege to annie. She was perfect for me.we had a family. We lived hapily ever after. 

The end.